Tuesday, July 22, 2008

37 week doctors appointment.....

Hey everyone... Chris and I just got back from my doctors appointment, whew... where to start??

It has actually been almost 3 weeks since my last appointment because I was at the beach for the last two weeks. With all the great food at the beach I gained a little more weight then I wanted to. They did not say anything to me about the weight gain which I guess is good but I hope that will be the end of the big jumps. Needless to say that my blood pressure today was the highest it has been the entire pregnancy at 128/82. I guess that is still OK but I blame it on being weighed before the blood pressure was taken. Little did I know then but it would probably get much higher later in the visit. Good thing they only take it once.

Kennedi's heart rate was 135 today. Still great!! But then came the tape measure..... like I just said I am 37 weeks today. Up to now I have measured right where I should be. When the nurse was done measuring and before she told me what I was measuring she asked me how big my last baby was.... OK this is when I could feel the blood pressure elevating a little. When I told her 8 lbs 15 oz she told us that I was measuring a little big for the weeks. Then Chris had to go do it.... he asked her what I measured. At that time she told us I was measuring at 39. 39......... the blood pressure went sky high I am sure (and I don't think it is normal yet). So when she left and we waited for the doctor I was freaking out. The possibility of another big baby and labor like Avery is not something I can look forward to.

After a few minutes of breathing exercises to get me calmed down (OK I was not THAT bad), the doctor came in. She checked me and I am dilated to a 1... oh great... long way to go. And then she asked if I had any concerns. Of course after being told I am measuring at 39 I am a lot worried about size. She felt the baby and gave a guess that right now she weighs about 7 1/2 lbs. I know that is not always accurate but its enough to make me think that if I go another 3 weeks I am going to give birth to big girl!! Not a pleasant thought. I think I will try everything I can to speed the process along. Needless to say I will be all for the epidural this time around. I have never had one but will be sure I raise my hand when they ask if I want one.

As if that appointment was not bad enough, they ended it with more blood work. They had to do a follow up on my iron level since it was low last time they checked.

We go back to next Thursday morning and hopefully there will be some more progression. Or even better... maybe we wont even make it to that appointment (but that would be too good to be true).

Until next time......

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birthday, nursery and stuff.....

Ok so it’s only been a few days since I last posted but I got home last night and saw Kennedi’s room and it is incredible!! The painting is beautiful and the pictures I posted do not do it justice. You really have to see it in person to see how great of a job Becca did. Chris and I are going to spend the next few days getting the rest of the nursery ready for Kennedi. Hopefully by mid week everything will be complete.

Everyone in the house is at the point now where we are really anxious for her to get here. Avery keeps saying that he can’t wait to see what she looks like. I think that really he can’t wait to help out with the changing of some diapers (yeah right!). Conner is pretty quiet about all of it but I think once Kennedi is here and he gets to hold her, he will show his excitement. It’s rough to be almost 14 and be at the teenage “cool stage” and have to think about a little baby in the house. If she follows how early Conner was then she will arrive this Wednesday. But of course since we are ok with that it won’t happen and she will be more like Avery and only come a day before her due date. Either way there is not too much time left to get everything ready. Even through all the sickness and rough times this summer really did fly by.

If she doesn’t come early I will have to start back to work in just a couple of weeks (August 6th). But, I will most likely only be there for a day or two at the most.
On another note I have to mention how wonderful Chris has been! The entire time I was at the beach I was so swollen and at times hurt badly. He did everything he could to make my vacation comfortable. He rubbed my legs everyday for long periods of time, which is not his favorite thing to do. Then when I could not sleep in the middle of the night he rubbed my back until I could fall back asleep. It was wonderful and I appreciate him so much!

On top of all that I celebrated my birthday at the beach again this year…. I won’t say what number it was but I do have to say it was a great one!! What better way to celebrate than to lay on the beach and then take the kids mini golfing. The night before my birthday is when Chris gave me my birthday present since most of my family was there and it seemed like they all knew what I was getting. I am always the last to know everything!! Well Chris went a little overboard and got me 2 season tickets to Auburn Football!!! WOOHOOO Something I have always wanted and never been able to get. Of course I have to give one of the tickets to him, which I do not understand since supposedly he is a Georgia fan. I think that is some converting going on!!!

Well that is all for now. I go to the doctors Tuesday morning and hopefully we will have something to report. Until then……