Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Conner!!


What an exciting day for Conner. Today he woke up knowing he was going to take his test for his learner's permit. It was a LONG morning but worth it. He is so excited!

We got up and took Kennedi to school. I figured it would be a lot easier to sit at the DDS* without a 15 month old baby running around.

* Department of Drivers Services

We headed to Kennedi's school in the next town over and then headed back into our town to go to get his permit. We got to the DDS in our town and it was CLOSED!! Yes you read correctly. It was closed today for some kind of training. Oh yeah, and then tomorrow for Veteran's Day. Oh Conner was not a happy birthday boy! All this hype and he thought he would have to wait 2 more days.

So we looked and saw where another DDS was. Luckily there was one two towns over (the town past where we had to go to take Kennedi to school). So we head back out to where we were earlier in the morning to get his test. Thankfully, they were open. I think Conner would have blown a gasket if they weren't!

Conner goes in and we fill out the necessary paperwork to get his permit. They call him to take the test and my heart starts POUNDING. I mean really pounding!! My palms are sweating, heart racing and all I could think of was, "please let him pass this test!"

There was a man in line behind him that kept looking at me with a worried look on his face. He could see Conner taking the test and the computer screen (where I could not). I was really starting to panic thinking, what am I going to do if he fails!! I felt sick!

HE DID IT!! I guess I can say... barely!! There are two parts to the test and you can miss 5 questions on each part (there are 20 questions on each part). Conner missed 5 on the first part! YIKES!! That was a close one!!

All and all I guess it doesn't matter how many he missed!
He really got it!!

Conner is now a driver on a permit!


Monday, November 9, 2009

15 Years Ago.....

on this very night I went into labor with child #1. It was about 10pm on November 9th and I did not think I was in labor, in fact I told Conner's dad that I was NOT going to the hospital, I had 3 weeks to go. I figured they would laugh at me and send me back home. He won and we were on the way to the hospital.

About 4 hours later.... at 2:42 am on November 10, 1994.... CSB was born. He was 20 days early and weighed in at 7 lbs 3 oz and was a short 19 inches long. It was a fast, easy, natural birth (compared to the next two).

This very sweet

laid back

baby boy

grew up

way too fast

and then

turned into

this wonderful,

sweet, handsome

15 year old boy




So tomorrow after we wake up and take Kennedi to school, Conner and I will be heading down to the DMV to get his learners permit. That is correct, the cherished driving permit. Down here they can get it on their 15th birthday so they have it for 1 year before the regular license.
Oh help those other drivers!!

So I guess tomorrow my oldest will be 15 years old and my youngest just turned 15 months old this weekend!!

What a miracle!!!

I was sitting at the computer working on a blog that I will be posting in just a little while when something made me check one of the blogs I keep up with.

Many of you may have read my posts about Stellan, a little boy that is only a few months younger than Kennedi. Stellan has suffered from SVT since before he was born. In fact, he has beaten the odds that were given to his parents when the SVT was discovered.

What a long road this young, beautiful baby has been on and today has been no exception. But at the same time, today has been the most amazing journey for Stellan.

To see what a miracle occurred today go to MckMama's blog by clicking here. The doctor's at a children's hospital in Boston have made such an improvement in this little boys life!! The power or prayer is truly an amazing thing!!

It is also amazing (if you read the story on him) is how one little boy can bring so many people together!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wildlife in my own backyard

The other day my dogs were going nuts with their barking. This is a common occurrence since we are surrounded by woods with empty lots around us (let keep it that way) but they were not showing any signs of letting up.

We have seen all sorts of wildlife in the back, front and sides of our house. We have had deer, hawks, wild turkey, coyotes, and I am sure many other things we have not seen or heard but this one I found interesting.

I went out to the back deck and saw the dogs looking up a tree and barking uncontrollably. I had to strain at first but then I saw a fluffy tail hanging down. The dogs had scared a stinking raccoon up a tree.

At first I thought, OK rabies but they are good until 2/11 (yes I went in and checked) but then I was annoyed at the barking and new they were not going to let up. So I got the dogs in and let the little raccoon make his or her way down the tree.

I would have thought that it would be scared and would have scurried into the woods but as you can see...

it took it's good ole time getting there...

It was a really slow raccoon!

I have to admit that I was tempted to let the dogs back out when it was down from the tree to see how fast it would take off but then I figured if they had caught it we would have a big mess on our hands. I know that raccoon would have tore those sweet puppies up!