Thursday, May 28, 2009

Conner's follow up...

Yesterday we went back to the dermatologist for Conner's follow up appointment. He had his stitches removed. Wow the doctor did a great job stitching! It looks great. Right now he has 4 steri-strips on the incision and when they fall off on their own he is good to go. Margins are clear so hopefully that scare is over. Dr. L checked his back since it got a few moles here and there. He said they all looked beneign but they are the type of moles that we will need to watch. Of course he told us what to look out for and we will be sure to keep a close eye on him. He is good to go for the next 6 months. Right now he is slated to return every 6 months, we will see how long it takes to get the clearnace for the yearly visit. He will have to have that for the rest of his life (fine with me!!).

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kids here. The 8th graders are pretty much done. I think they have been for a few weeks but tomorrow is the 8th grade picnic. The kids will be able to have a lot of down time and hang out time. This is something they really do need since many will be split up next year with 2 different high schools. WOW tomorrow after noon I will have a high schooler!! I remember crying on the first day of pre-school when I took him and he cried and held me. Then on the second day I think it was that he walked right in (and I cried because he didn't hang on to me!). Time sure does fly!!

Avery survived 6th grade! I have to admit that I was worried to death about this! He was the reason that I went back to work and attempted to be a working mom. He did amaxingly well and did not need me there at all! I am so proud of him and the little man that he is becoming! He is such a great kid!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kennedi has a cute new shirt!!!

I have waited to post this for a while. I wanted to be sure that my family got the pictures first and I just sent them yesterday....

Oh help me!!!!

The boys are very excited!! Its was funny when we told them (I was very worried because they were so mad with Kennedi). I told them they would not have to fight over Kennedi anymore. Avery spoke up first and said, "yeah that's right... I get the new baby". Kids say the darndest things!!

We have until December. I have not been to the doctor yet and my appointment is not until June 11. I will be about 13-14 weeks by then. They did not seem worried about that or my age. When I asked if I needed to get in before that since I am over 35 they said no since I just had one and everything went fine.... He we go again!!