Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2 week weight check

I can't believe Kennedi will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. Chris and I took her to get her weight checked this morning. She was 9 lbs 4 oz!! WOW I was surprised. I knew that she had gained some weight. She should, she eats non stop!! But I did not think she had gained that much.

She is still so good!! Chris and I are so lucky that we already get to sleep at night. I guess it was not a freak thing because she still only wakes up once a night to eat and then goes back to sleep. Last night she went from about 3 until 730 this morning. It was wonderful. Now if I could just get Chris to wake up every time she cries. He is a great sleeper too, I guess that is where Kennedi gets it from.

This past weekend we took Kennedi bowling. Well she did not bowl of course but Conner, Avery, Chris and I did. She slept the whole time we were in there (imagine that). I just hope she does that good next weekend when Chris and I get real brave and take her to Auburn. We will be sure to take lots of pictures of Kennedi in her orange and blue, as well as some of daddy in his orange and blue!!

I guess that is all for now... I will try to post some more pictures of Kennedi soon.