Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Got to Meet STELLAN!!!!

How cool is that?!?!

Small Fry, PC, and Stellan!

I happen to think it is pretty darn cool! The MckFamily is in Atlanta for the week celebrating Thanksgiving with some of their family. She decided to have a get together with all those southern followers. The weather was horrible today but I am so glad Kennedi and I decided to still go. After Kennedi's nap we headed up to Grant Park for a get together under a pavilion. It is amazing to see Stellan after what he recently went through. Well, I guess not recently since he has been going through it on and off since before he was born. This baby is incredible!! He is so laid back. There were so many people around and nothing phased him.

Me, Kennedi and MckMama (Jennifer)

I could go on and on about him and the miracle that he is. When talking to MckMama I had asked her about when Stellan gets older and the sports thing. I was amazed (and had chills) when she said that his heart is now no different that yours or mine. He can play sports or do whatever he wants. Here is a baby who's heart stopped, who's heart never worked correctly and now, as MckMama put it, "his heart has no memory at all of anything before the surgery". Wow... modern medicine is amazing!!

Actually all four of MckMama's kids are pretty darn cute! Small Fry (on left) and Kennedi seemed to hit it off for a little while. Small fry had her hat on (of course) and would pull it over her eyes and then Kennedi tried to take it off her. They was just so sweet (yes both small fry and Kennedi).

Small Fry and Kennedi (they would not stay still-of course) for me to get a picture

I got a few pictures but Chris had to work so he was not able to go. That left me chasing a 15 month old around and trying to keep her out of the rain (yeah that didn't happen). I did find that rain does not phase Kennedi at all! She loved to walk around in it. I also felt bad snapping a lot of pictures. There were many people there with cameras and I did not want to take too many....
Kennedi was getting mad since I made her come out of the rain!!