Friday, September 18, 2009

Yup.. it hit us!!

Just got back from the doctor with Avery. He is at his dads house this week but of course was home Wednesday with a cough. It was a dry cough so Chris checked him and he was OK. Thursday he went home from school early not feeling well and today he woke with a fever.

Yup.... you guessed it... Swine fluH1N1 has attacked its latest victim. Poor baby is not feeling great but he is not completely miserable. He did not get any medicine she he is about 3 days into it and about halfway through. He should be OK to go back to school Monday. We are crossing our fingers for that to happen.

Did I mention that he should be coming home just as he is getting over the flu?? Whew lets hope that it escapes home so that it will stay away from Kennedi!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A great 1st tournament!!

WHAT A LONG WEEKEND!! Whew I think it is going to take me days to recover.

The first lesson this weekend is to leave Kennedi at home for the other tournaments we have in the upcoming months. It is way too long of a day for a little baby to handle! I was frustrated she was tired and we were miserable. Well that was until Daddy came to watch the games and she was almost a perfect little angel then. Hmmm ya think she might be a Daddy's girl???

OK now for the tournament. Saturday was pool play. The team looked good and we went 1-1 and ended up 2nd seed in our pool. Conner played OK. He is still getting used to the heavier bat (which I think may be heavier than him). Well OK so its not but it is a lot heavier than he is used to.

Sunday came and we played at 11am. I was so thankful we did not have that 9am game! It was only about a 45 minute drive to the fields but after a long Saturday that early game would have been brutal. So game 1 starts and Conner sits.. and sits... and sits. Finally he gets in but doesn't get much action. We win the game. Game 2 comes and Conner sits and sits and sits (actually sits the whole game). I know we are at the point where kids are going to sit more and some kids will play more but it sucks to sit and watch your child not play at all. It is really a horrible feeling, one I would not wish on any parent. The boys played pretty well. Its amazing how much different it is from rec ball. Conner (and maybe 1 other player) is the only one who has not ever played on a travel ball team. I guess I have learned my lesson. If you want your child to really be able to be competitive, get them into the travel ball!!

OK back to the games.... With the 2nd win on Sunday it put us into the Finals. Conner started this game and played the entire game. He was in the out field which is a huge change from 2nd base where he is used to but I told him he has to be able to switch gears. He got some action in that game. He did great. He went 2-3 at the plate with 3RBI's (and the pitcher was incredible)! We lost 7-6 but it was a great game!! This was the first time they have played together and they looked great!! That team has a lot of talent (and it is still so early)!

I am proud of Conner (of course) and hopefully that game got his confidence up. Now if we could just get some muscle on that skinny body (another disadvantage he has). The kids is taller than I am (and I am 5-7) and just over 100lbs (with shoes and three layers). Once he hits that growth spurt I think he will be sitting a lot better but until then we will be practicing, practicing, practicing.

We have a break next weekend and then another tournament the week after (I think).. whew it is starting to all blend together.