Saturday, April 25, 2009

What a Saturday...

Whew... what a day. I have to say that I am so fortunate to have a baby that is so laid back!! Poor Kennedi is used to 2 naps a day, eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and then bottles in between. Well today was anything like that. Chris had to work.. he is on day 14 of I think 19 in a row. He had to miss the boys games today (and he really does look forward to watching them). But Conner had a game at 11:00 and Avery had one at 11:15. Of course my kids could not play the same sport let alone near each other. I hate to miss any of their games but I went to watch AVery. Conner has games during the week and a lot more of them than Avery. He understood but I still do not like when no one is there watching him. His dad had to work today too so he was not able to be there. I guess its a good thing that none of us were there because he had a great day at the plate. He went 2-2 with a single and a triple. Whew I have to say that I was bummed thankful that it was not a home run. See I have a deal with him (and I have had it since he was little) that if he hits a home run I give him $50.00. I have never had to do that (yet). I would have really been bummed if I missed it. But really I look forward to the day I hand over that money to him. So, now I am wondering if we need to miss the rest of his games?!?! Don't worry, there is no way I can do that. Conner's team won I think he said 19-4.... WAY TO GO NATIONALS!!!

But I dropped Conner at his game and heading to Avery's with him. What a great game!! Avery's team also came out on top today 8-5. Avery was defending a guy that was twice his size at the end of the game. I am very thankful for the times where Avery's man is his size or close to it. Avery was knocked down pretty hard at one point in the game but he bounced (literally) right back up. Then right before the end of the game Avery was going for the ball with the big guy and their sticks got tangled and Avery's arm hyperextended. He finished the game and came to me after and was holding his arm. Now I dont know how many of you know about my boys and their arms/elbows but we do not have a goo track record. Between the two boys we have had 4 broken elbows in which 3 have required surgery with pins. So I get a little nervous at any point when the boys say they think they messed up the arm. Now on top of that Avery is so stinking skinny his bones naturally stick out so I could not tell if the bone looked at all like it shouldn't. Then I have him hold it our next to the other arm... ok that doesnt work either since he has had surgery on that arm. So we went home, iced it and watched it for the day. I did not think it looked broken but I wanted to see if the pain wore off. I am happy to say that it did!! Avery says its a little sore to straighten it all the way but I am sure once he works that soreness out he will be just fine. I thought that was going to be the downfall of his day but it wasnt. What was even worse for him was that the head of his lacrosse stick cracked. UGH! That means I have to either 1) get his back up stick re-strung or attempt to restring it myself or 2) go buy him a new head for his stick. I think I am going to opt for #1 at the moment. Maybe when I get frustrated with the re-stringing and throw the head through the window I will opt for #2.

Well that was my day all before 1pm. So we got home and Kennedi took a nap for a few hours. Just to mention that she was perfect during the game. I think there are day that she spends more time in the stroller and car seat than anywhere else. What a great baby!!

Tonight Avery and I, and Kennedi of course went to a soccer game that I played in. We won that too!! YAY!! Three for three with ballgames in my house today!! It doesnt get much better than that. Funny thing is that I think I am the only one extrememly tired!! Maybe I am getting old after all?!?! NO ONE ANSWER THAT PLEASE!!

I wish I had pictures of the game today but with Kennedi I just did not have a chance to take them, I will get some next week for sure.

Well that wraps up my Saturday Activities in our household (thank goodness, I dont think I would be able to handle any more in a day!)...

I hope the weather tomorrow is just as nice as today!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

And she's up!!!

Wow.. OK so I guess I did something in the formatting and now when I upload pictures, the pictures don't come up and the html code does. So, I can not see any of the pictures (just the codes) that I have uploaded and they are one after the other so I cant go back and put comments under the pictures. Great, now I will have to sit and try to figure out what I did so that I can undo it and have it be back to normal.
Anyway, this is what we walk into every morning and after nap time. Kennedi is constantly pulling herself up in her crib. The crib is already down to the lowest setting so I hope she doesn't get too much taller or she will be climbing out. Not looking forward to that!!
Now whenever Kennedi does not feel like she wants or needs to take a nap she pulls herself up. Of course after that she screams like crazy because she has not yet figured out how to get down from the standing position. Wow it maybe a long few weeks until she figures that out.
She is also trying to go from the crawl position to a stand. She will be on her hands and knees and then get up to hands and feet. After that she has no idea what to do and go back to knees.
Well she is over playing with tormenting the cat so I guess I better go and rescue poor old Cotton.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

another day...

whew... OK Wednesday is over so I can now type.. ha ha. I love the idea of "wordless Wednesday" on the blogs but do you realize how hard it is NOT to put a caption on some photos? or to explain some photos? I guess I will have to put that Thursday blog in each week if I feel the need to caption the Wednesday pictures.
Most of the pictures from Wednesday were taken this past weekend. I wish I could say they were my photos but I was not the one who took them (or who added the color). I am going to learn how to do all that AND I am going to save up for a new camera. I just have to figure out how do I save up for a new camera when I myself have no income??
OK I did it.... I entered Kennedi in a photo contest. Yes I know its a long shot with thousands and thousands of other kids but I think it will be fun. I had to click the box saying it was OK if I travelled with her to New York from August 7-9. Would that be a great 1st birthday present for her or what?? OK so now you can help out by voting all you have to do is click here and then rate her pictures.. OK you can do it right now and then come back to the rest of the blog... :-)... thank you!!!
Lets see what else has been going on this week?? I have to admit that its been pretty uneventful here. The boys have their CRCT testing this week which means NO HOMEWORK!!! It is always a great week with no homework. I think we are even down to 5weeks of school left until summer break! I CANT WAIT!!! I don't know who is more excited.. me or the boys???
OK now for a real left turn.... what is this twitter that everyone seems to be on? Do you tweet?? I have been looking into it a little bit because I see on blogs that people are posting one line updates through twitter. I guess this is a good idea if you are in a position to need a play by play. I am sure its pretty cool one you get the hang of it but I am still trying to figure out the verb tweet or not to tweet?!?!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Praying for Stellan....

This is a blog that I have been following for some time. Today Stellan went in for his surgery. Stellan is only 5 months old.

Prayers for Stellan

What is even more amazing is to see the number of people supporting him and praying for him. There are many people around the world thinking of stellan today and wearing orange (his mama's favorite color).