Friday, August 15, 2008

1 week old!!!

So yesterday was a sad day.... Kennedi turned a week old. That week went way too fast. I really wish that we could freeze her where she is for a little while, she is so much fun to cuddle with and just watch. Yeah I know, she does nothing but eat, sleep and poop (she rarely cries), but the faces she makes are priceless! She smiles all the time. We all know why she does this but hey let us think she is doing it because she likes being here. Her brothers are completely in love with her!! It is amazing, they don't fight about shotgun in the car anymore, now they fight about who is going to sit next to Kennedi or who is going to hold her. The one thing they do not fight about and I wish they would is who will change that dirty diaper. We have no takers on that one!!

She has done so well at night, we had one bad night and I will write about that in a minute but the past two nights she has been PERFECT!!! She has eaten between 1130 and midnight and then again between 315 and 345am and then again between 630 and 700. Today she woke up at 655. It was amazing. When she does wake up she eats (very quickly) and then she is back to sleep. We can't ask for anything better than that.

Ok now to the bad night..... I have to say that I think Kennedi knows what she wants already. I know that is so not a good thing but what can ya do?!?! She has 2 pack and plays. One was downstairs. That one is a new one that we bought and it has the bassinet attachment and changing table on it. The other is one is in our bedroom. It is one that we are borrowing for a few weeks. Its very nice but its a couple of years old and does not have the bassinet attachment. I can't put her in the crib just yet because it seems way to big for her so we went to my sisters and got the pack and play to use for a few weeks. It was bedtime (at least for Chris and I) and we put Kennedi in the bassinet. She did great for a little while but that night we were up all the time. I think maybe I had 2 hours sleep. I ended up keeping her on my chest just so she would sleep. Well we didn't think anything of it and thought maybe I ate something she didn't like (which is still a possibility). But the next night we went to put her in the pack and play and she cried as soon as we put her in. Chris was not going to handle another sleepless night well (and I don't think I would have either) and he came up with, "she doesn't like this crib". OK well I thought that was ridiculous at first. She is not even a week old at the time so how would she know the difference??? He was convinced that was the problem because she sleeps so well during the day downstairs. So he went down to get the new pack and play and brought it up to the bedroom. We put her in the bassinet part and she did not make a sound!!!! She fell right asleep and stayed that way for the next 3 hours or so. Hmmmm OK so the baby is a week old and is high maintenance already! That is so not good for Daddy!!!! But for the second day in a row she has slept great. We now let her nap downstairs in whatever baby thing she is laying in at that time and she sleeps in the pack and play at night. She is also a baby that does not like silence when she sleeps, which to me is such a good thing.

Well that is story number one for Kennedi.... 1 week old, beautiful and high maintenance.... what are we going to have to deal with in another month or so?!?!?

Have a great day!!!

Tara and Chris

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First weight check...

Hey everyone....

Kennedi and I went to the pediatrician for her first weight check today. I love going to these to see how much they have gained. When she was born she was 8 lbs 14 oz and when we left the hospital she weighed in at 8 lbs 8 oz and of course was 19.5 inches long. Well when we went back today she was 19 3/4 inches and weighed 8 lbs 11.5 oz. She is almost back to her birth weight. I figured she was close since the newborn diapers are getting way too small. We actually went out and bought size 1 diapers yesterday and we are trying to quickly use up all the opened newborn diapers. She looks so cute in just a diaper because she is already starting to get a little belly on her. But then I guess I have to expect that since she eats NON STOP!! Our pediatrician says that he does weekly weight checks until the babies are at their birth weight (since they often lose before they gain). But, he also said that next week will probably be the last one she gets since he predicts she will be back up to it by then. After that we do not go back until 2 months.

We also had to go back to the hospital to get her bilirubin level checked since it was still a little high on Monday. At least we had Tuesday off from being at the lab. She was also given the OK to not be put under the lights as of yesterday. I was so thankful for that. Chris and I held her pretty much all day. I think she was out of someones arms for maybe 15 minutes total. I think she was spoiled because last night she did not sleep as well as she has been. But I guess they can't all be great nights of sleep.

Chris had to work again today. I think he was completely exhausted from lack of sleep for one night. He has been getting a good amount of sleep since he can not do too much when she wakes in the middle of the night. As I sit there in bed feeding Kennedi he is often snoring (loudly) next to us. Ahhh must be nice!! I guess that is OK since I do have off from work until the beginning of November and he is the one that has to go back to the real world.

Well I guess that is all the updates for now. I am waiting from a call from the pediatrician to see about Kennedi's lab results. Other than that its a relaxing day at home with lots of naps for both of us (I hope).

Tara and Chris

Monday, August 11, 2008

yet another recheck...

Today Kennedi is 4 days old and I already do not want her to get any bigger! She is absolutely a wonderful baby. I am really starting to think that all the sickness and IV’s and everything else I went through was worth it…. Ok I know it was. She sleeps a lot!! She is still going from 2.5 to 4 hours at night so that is wonderful. When I am done feeding her I can put her in the crib awake and she falls asleep on her own. The one downfall (which I do not think is a downfall actually) is that she doesn’t like to sleep in complete silence. She does so much better with people talking or the TV on or whatever is there to make noise. I think that is great because it is so easy to go out and buy a CD player and play lullabies all night than it is to have a completely quiet house so that she can sleep.

Conner and Avery came home from their dads this morning and were so excited to be home and see her. They went right up to her just to sit and look at her. She was asleep so I didn’t let them get her out but I could tell they wanted to. Conner did get to hold her this morning before school and it was just in time for her to have a blow out in her diaper. After Conner got over being grossed out he said that he was not going to be holding her for awhile. Hmmm I wonder how long it will take once he walks in the door from football practice to go pick her up… Avery was bummed that he didn’t have time to hold her but he sat in the back seat with her on the way to school and just stared at her the whole time. It was so cute to see him talking to her. I think it is going to be a chore for me today to get Avery to stop playing with her long enough to get his homework done. Hopefully he will not have too much.

Chris had to go to work today. It’s not too bad actually; he works today and Wednesday and then is off the rest of the week. I think it is bothering him not to be home with her already but he has done very well so far and has only called a few times to check on her. The down part for me is that now that he is at work I have to change every stinky diaper today. Chris is so good about that. I have to say that he has changed the majority of diapers and has given her every bath she has had. He really enjoys that time with Kennedi… the bath not the diapers.

Kennedi and I went back to the hospital this morning to get yet another recheck on the bilirubin level. Kennedi did great today and did not cry at all when they pricked her heel. I guess when she has to have it done every day of her life she gets used to it. I just can’t wait until we get word that we can stop going as well as stop laying her on the bili blanket. I told Kennedi that when this was all over I was going to hold her all day long!! At times it’s really hard to have her in that blanket instead of in my arms. Chris just called a little while ago and said that her levels today were down from the past two days. That is a good thing but we are waiting to hear if they are down enough to stop everything we are doing. Maybe if we can’t stop the blanket today we will be able to tomorrow. When we went back on Sunday for the recheck Kennedi’s bilirubin level was still at a 15 (the same as they were on Saturday). The doctor was pleased that they didn’t go up at all and by the time the home health place got the bili blanket out to the house Saturday night it was like 8:45 and so she did not have a whole lot of time under it. Today (Monday) when I took her back her levels were now 13.6 so that is a drop. Chris thinks the lucky number we want is 12 but he is waiting for another call from the doctor to see what he wants us to do. I take her for a weight check on Wednesday and hopefully by then this speed bump will be crossed and it will be smooth sailing from there. It is a good thing she is such a good baby. If she was a fussy baby it would be very very hard to keep her in that blanket most of the day.

Well I guess that is all the updates for now. I guess I am trying to keep busy while she sleeps since she sleeps so much. Avery will be home in about an hour and a half and then it will be homework time and soon after we are done it will be time for me to go pick Conner up from football. It is going to get some getting used to being home all day when no one else is. I do it all summer but the boys are here with me or we are at the pool. I guess now I will really get time to enjoy Kenendi and spoil her. Hmm come to think of it, I think this is going to be a wonderful 12 weeks off of work!!!

Tara and Chris