Friday, October 23, 2009

A Lotta Curls, Signs and Something Else

Yup... just like the title says.... A Lotta Curls, Signs, and Something Else Poop!

Kennedi is starting to get longer hair. As it is coming in it is getting a lot of curls. I think I am going to have to read up and take lessons on how to do things with hair that curls. I would know nothing about this since mine is stick straight. I mean even when I curl my hair it still comes out straight. She definitely gets her curls from her daddy. You should see what his pictures look like when he was little. Don't worry Chris, I am not posting any or saying another word about it.

Signs... Kennedi is really picking up on the sign language. She does not have any hearing problems but we wanted her to learn some basic signs so that it would maybe cut down on the frustration of not being able to communicate. She is doing great. She loves to watch her My First Signs DVD and will make the signs along with the movie. She will also do signs on her own when she wants things. She can now sign: mommy, daddy, milk, more, baby, ball, eat, play, kiss and sometimes bath. She has also done friend but does not have that one down just yet.

Ahh yes, the one you have been waiting for I am sure. This is your warning... if you have a weak stomach stop reading now.....
Ok now that you have chosen to keep going, Kennedi has been a poop machine lately. Poor baby is just not feeling right. We are thinking it is some more teeth coming, at least I am hoping. She has no fever and no other signs of sickness so not sure what else it could be. She has such a raw bottom and is miserable at times. I feel so horrible for her and the pain she is in. We did get some prescription for the diaper rash and I am hoping to see an improvement in the next day or so. If not I think maybe I will call the pediatrician on Monday and get her in to see what is going on. I am really hoping that she is not forming a milk allergy. That would be awful for her. I am cutting way back on the milk to see if that helps some.

Well I guess that is all. I am about to head off to bed. I have to be up at 515 again tomorrow and out of the house at 545. Conner has another baseball tournament this weekend. The games are an hour away and of course we have the 8am game. UGH!! Well good luck CONNER!!

Avery also has a lacrosse game tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am going to miss it since I will be an hour away. I am really bummed about missing it. I do not miss many of the kids games and when I have to choose between them it makes me feel awful. I am looking forward to his call after the game telling me how he did... GOOD LUCK AVERY!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We went to work today!

Today started at 4am for me! I know some of you are thinking that I am crazy, and I have to agree! No sane person should be awake at 4am but Kennedi and I had a big day OF WORK ahead of us! Yes, I did say that Kennedi and I went to work.

The two of us were out of the house by 5am and headed to the North side of Atlanta. The good thing about it being so early in the morning is that there was absolutely NO traffic, which is amazing for Atlanta! At the same time, no sane person should be awake and out of the house by 5am.

There is a movie being filmed in Atlanta called Life As We Know It. I know, there are actually like 3 or 4 being filmed here right now but we will focus on LAWKI (Life as We Know It). Kennedi and I were going to spend the day, all day, being extras for the movie. We were actually supposed to be in 2 scenes today but they only got one of those filmed before Kennedi's time was about up. Being a minor they can only hold her for 10 hours.

I do admit that I will now look at movies in a different way. I think I will pay attention to the little things a little more. I will look at those people in the background that I may not have noticed prior to today.

I also realized that being in movies is a totally different lifestyle. Wow it makes for LONG days! There is a lot of sitting, sitting and more sitting. It's amazing how worn out you can get and not do a lot! We literally worked for maybe an hour or so and then sat around the rest of the day. You do get to meet a lot of new people all of whom were very nice. There were kids running around and it was a good time!

Kennedi may have missed her big break! She was walking on the driveway and fell. She got up screaming and had a bloody lip. I looked and could not tell if her tooth went all the way through her lip or if it was just scraped on the outside and cut inside (which is what it was). They called for Kennedi and another baby to head over to the filming house about 30 seconds after she fell. Her lip all bloody and crying those crocodile tears. Well they told me to take care of her and they got someone else. UGH!! You have got to be kidding... great timing Kennedi!! She took about a minute to calm down and the blood stopped soon after that. She was totally fine and we were left just sitting there. Oh well, maybe next time will be her big break.

As I said, it was a long day (oh did I say that?). We left the house at 5am for a 630 call time. We got back in the car to head home about 4:00 this afternoon. Of course I could not get lucky both ways and miss the traffic. There was enough on the way home to make up for all we missed in the morning.

All in all we had a lot of fun and it will be interesting to see if the parts we were in made it to the movie or if we were even in the view of the camera.

I am so tired at the moment and will proofread this post in the morning. Right now it is time for me to head to bed!

I can't leave you without this....

Kennedi about 5 minutes after we got into the car...
She is a real Sleeping Beauty...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A whole lotta pictures.....

Saturday Chris had off of work and at the last minute we sold our Auburn tickets for the Kentucky game. This ended up being a good call since we played so badly! I wont even get into that since I it is just starting to sink in that we lost at home to a team that had not beaten us at home since 1966. OK that's all I'm gonna say about that!

Since we had some time together we all Chris and I decided to spend the morning at one of the local pumpkin patch's with the kids. We had a great time! OK Chris, Kennedi and I had a great time, the big boys probably considered it just another boring FFO (forced family outing). Its not often with get to have those since right now Chris works so much. If you asked the boys they would tell you we have them ALL THE TIME. That's OK.. only 3 more years and we lose one of them to college. I am going to enjoy those FFO's while I can.

I made the pictures small but you can just click on them to make them bigger...

Here is a picture before starting out.. It was a little chilly yesterday. I had to actually break out both layers of the jacket I got for Christmas last year. It's the 1st time I had done that!
Kennedi LOVED the geese. She wanted to go near them whenever we walked where they were. I figured she would be scared of them but I was completely wrong.

Kennedi also got to pet an angora rabbit. He was so soft!

Kennedi was still fixated on the rabbit. She did not pay too much attention to the sheep (or whatever they were)... can you tell I am not a farm girl?
hmmm what to pet now, daddy?

This is one of the few pictures I got in. Most of the time I like being the picture taker but then I wonder if the kids will remember that I too attended these FFO's.

My youngest and my oldest... Aren't they so sweet??

Kennedi waiting for the hayride to start...

The boys

and... the girls....

Kennedi is not one who likes to be restrained... see...

Where's Kennedi??

Daddy and his little girl... two peas in a pod!

it was about this time when the boys got sick of the camera!

Mommy... look, more animals! Kennedi has now lost interest in the camera.

After we got our pumpkins we headed home for some more family fun. I actually think that the boys liked this part.
that's right... it was time to CARVE!!
my thinker!

it took two of them to poke out this pattern.

Chris even had a good time with the pumpkins.

Avery is concentrating...

still concentrating...
Kennedi is ready to decorate her 1st pumpkin.
Here are the kids with their masterpieces.
...and our family day is over!