Friday, October 23, 2009

A Lotta Curls, Signs and Something Else

Yup... just like the title says.... A Lotta Curls, Signs, and Something Else Poop!

Kennedi is starting to get longer hair. As it is coming in it is getting a lot of curls. I think I am going to have to read up and take lessons on how to do things with hair that curls. I would know nothing about this since mine is stick straight. I mean even when I curl my hair it still comes out straight. She definitely gets her curls from her daddy. You should see what his pictures look like when he was little. Don't worry Chris, I am not posting any or saying another word about it.

Signs... Kennedi is really picking up on the sign language. She does not have any hearing problems but we wanted her to learn some basic signs so that it would maybe cut down on the frustration of not being able to communicate. She is doing great. She loves to watch her My First Signs DVD and will make the signs along with the movie. She will also do signs on her own when she wants things. She can now sign: mommy, daddy, milk, more, baby, ball, eat, play, kiss and sometimes bath. She has also done friend but does not have that one down just yet.

Ahh yes, the one you have been waiting for I am sure. This is your warning... if you have a weak stomach stop reading now.....
Ok now that you have chosen to keep going, Kennedi has been a poop machine lately. Poor baby is just not feeling right. We are thinking it is some more teeth coming, at least I am hoping. She has no fever and no other signs of sickness so not sure what else it could be. She has such a raw bottom and is miserable at times. I feel so horrible for her and the pain she is in. We did get some prescription for the diaper rash and I am hoping to see an improvement in the next day or so. If not I think maybe I will call the pediatrician on Monday and get her in to see what is going on. I am really hoping that she is not forming a milk allergy. That would be awful for her. I am cutting way back on the milk to see if that helps some.

Well I guess that is all. I am about to head off to bed. I have to be up at 515 again tomorrow and out of the house at 545. Conner has another baseball tournament this weekend. The games are an hour away and of course we have the 8am game. UGH!! Well good luck CONNER!!

Avery also has a lacrosse game tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am going to miss it since I will be an hour away. I am really bummed about missing it. I do not miss many of the kids games and when I have to choose between them it makes me feel awful. I am looking forward to his call after the game telling me how he did... GOOD LUCK AVERY!!!


Nancy said...

Hope K feels better!

Alison said...

I heartily recommend the book 'Curly Girl' on taking care of curly hair!