Sunday, October 25, 2009

And the light (or glasses) goes (go) on...

Have I ever stated that there is never a dull moment in our house? If not I am telling y'all now! Not with my older two around. Whew some of the things they come up with!

I really need to keep a log of things they say because I think it gets better and better each day. Much of what they say I would not be able to put on here (they have some doozies) but most are funny.

Lets take tonight as an example. I really hope that I can get this across in the blog as funny as this conversation really was. I know I wont be able to but I am going to try my best!

A little background... Conner was standing behind me reading the computer screen (this is a pet peeve of mine but a different post in itself) and some of what he was saying made no sense at all.

Me: Conner, go up and get your glasses (so he did, these are glasses that he got A YEAR AGO and has NEVER worn).

Conner: (puts on the glasses)... WHOA I can see so much better with these! (DUH)

(do we see the light bulb turning on).

So... Conner proceeds to look at different things, take the glasses off, put the glasses on, steps back a little further. Looks at the same thing, takes the glasses off, puts them back on, steps back a little more. This went on for a good 30 minutes.

If you could only see his face and the amazement of how well the glasses work!

Then he proceeds to say... Mom, I cant wear these in school because I look like a nerd.

(now I start beating my head on the table)

He continues to ask me..... Can we go and get contacts?

So I am thinking... sure kid! Let hop in the car and just go get them now. I have a couple hundred bucks in my pocket to blow on something that I have no idea you will wear! Especially after we spend a couple hundred dollars on some glasses that have been sitting in the case, in your top drawer since the day we got them.

I am so frustrated with this kid. I guess he really can't see well without them and still wont wear them. I know most of you are saying... well take him to get contacts. I probably will do this but I really would like him to show me he will wear the contacts by wearing his glasses.

Oh... and then he comes around and says... I wonder if these would help me with baseball.

.. hmm... no Conner, they only help during the hours of 8:30 and 3:30. UGH.. Where did this kid get his common sense??


Kristin said...

Get the boy some contacts! He will wear them, I swear. And, he'll start wearing his glasses at home at night since he now knows how much better he can see.

He just won't be caught dead wearing them around his friends.

Been there!

Nancy said...

Too funny! Is this what I'm in for when Noah is a teen? LOL!

Arizona Mamma said...

Just wanted to say I like your family picture! Great looking family. We have a "blended" household too.

Jamie H said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog! I hope it ends up being everything I want it to be :)

Maura said...

Tagged you on my blog, No pressure though.