Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big Day!!

Today is a big day in our house!!

This little guy, seen here with Sinbad (the best Husky in the world, may he RIP)

OK so he is not this little anymore....

this big kid teen, seen here with his 2 sisters, is taking a huge step in this faith!!

Today is Confirmation Day! Du du duh duhhhhhhh

He, along with 30 other tenth graders will be making the commitment and will become "adults" in the church. Oh do you here the thunder???

We are so proud of you C-man for making this decision and for your commitment to your Catholic beliefs.

Let the festivities begin!

Friday, March 4, 2011


do you hear that?? It's all the coins I am saving!!

Spring is here and that means very warm weather lots and lots of consignment sales! I think I have a sale written down on my calendar every week for the next month and I am sure that there are many, many more.

This was the opening week of sales for me. I even decided to sell many, many infant clothes (sniff sniff) and a few other things. Crossing my fingers that I at least break even... which I really think will happen.

Last night I went to a preview sale (when the consignors get to shop, you know... early bird gets the worm). I would say that I got a lot of worms but that sounds gross, so I won't. I did get a lot of great deals!

5 bathing suits, 1 bag of sunglasses (6 pair)

3 hair bows (sorry its so blurry)

lots of cute clothes!! Note the green American Eagle dress. I didn't even know AE made sizes 3T. How about the little blue Ralph Lauren dress above the crocs. I can't wait for R to wear that!!

Oh here are more.. many many Gap, Gymboree, Ralph Lauren!! S-C-O-R-E! Most of these are R's

I also got the girls 4 books but K had already spotted them and carted them off to another room to "read".

Yup, all for 71.00!! Cha-Ching!! I did not pay more than 4.00 for an item. Thanks to all those moms who consigned these this weekend!!!

Not too bad for a days work!