Monday, March 9, 2009

It's time for some ball.....

....Baseball and lacrosse that is!! Finally spring sports season is underway and I am loving it! It is going to be a busy spring but I guess that is how we roll when we have active kids. Conner's baseball team had its first tournament of the season this past weekend. Thursday night they lost but Saturday they came back and won two. Sunday we were back on the ball field for his first game. It was an afternoon game and if they won they would move to the Championship later in the day. Unfortunately they lost their first game on Sunday so they were out. After the game the coach asked the parents and players if they wanted to continue to do some tournaments. Of course all the boys were in and I did not hear any objections from parents. So now it looks like Conner's baseball team will be playing in the regular rec league along with a few tournaments. I think it will be a lot of fun and it can only help the kids learn how to play together. Many of the teams we face now have been together for YEARS. This is Conner's first year on this team. He played with them for regions and states last spring/summer but as for the season this is a first. The boys are very talented and they all seem to think baseball (most of the time). We still often have that one inning that falls apart. Once they can work through that I think they will be on fire!! Conner did great at bat. He had his first double of the season. He also had am amazing catch in the outfield which I missed because the dugout was in the way. By the time I made it to the fence, he was throwing the ball in. Chris was right next to it and said it was awesome!! GO CONNER!!
Avery also had his first game of the season on Saturday. Thankfully it was a home game. Avery in on a team that travels all over the Atlanta area. I think this weekend we will be in Decatur which is about 45-60 minutes from home, depending on traffic. He played a lot of the game but I think he had the first game nerves. He was still a little smaller than a lot of the boys on the other team. He is so cute back at defense with his long stick (which is still taller than he is). I am sure soon he will grow into it. He is pretty aggressive most games. I have to make sure that I get some video of him playing along with some action shots. I tend to forget to do that because I get so excited when he is in the play.
Here are some other pictures of the boys this weekend. Can't wait for some more games to get some other pictures... enjoy...

Kennedi is going to school!!!

Yes, it is true. We just got back from signing her up for a Children's Morning Out program. It is at the Methodist Church in a near town. I am so excited for Kennedi. She doesn't start until next school year of course and we started out with one day a week to see how she likes it. We can add a day if we want to (provided there are spots). She is going to have so much fun. She is keeping up the family tradition. I have nieces and nephews that went to this school, Conner and Avery also went there. It will be fun to have Kennedi there as well. She will turn 1 right before she starts. My baby is going to school!!!