Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Christmas Celebration...

Yesterday morning in the pouring rain, Chris, Kennedi and I headed for the 2 1/2 hour drive to see Chris' parents and celebrate Christmas with them. It was a LONG drive between the rain and having a sick baby. Poor Kennedi is still sick. She is getting better but it is a slow process. I really hope she is good to go and back to herself by Christmas morning!

It was a lot of fun. Both kids racked up and probably already have enough for this year!
I forgot to charge my camera and the battery died early but here are a few pictures from the day.

Chris and his 2 kids.... yeah horrible picture of Chris!

Chris and Dakota

Kennedi and Chris' Dad

Dakota... he was mad we made him turn off the TV.

Kennedi and Dakota

Dakota is thinking... Finally it is present time!!

Dakota opening up some of his presents

Kennedi's turn

little sister watching big brother open presents

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thinking and driving... driving and thinking...

As I was out driving today determined to finish my Christmas shopping (which I did.. I think), I was thinking about my kids and my family that I came from and how amazing they all are!

First I will start with my two older boys. My older two have really grown up into some great young men! Coming from a divorced household, they are used to splitting every holiday with my ex and myself, missing out on some of my family gatherings and such. It is just something that happens when you have to share.

This year Christmas with my family is at my brother's house (we rotate each year) and he lives almost an hour away. With picking up the kids in the middle of the afternoon on Christmas day it would be really hard to get them, come home and then head to my brothers. I told my kids that we would miss the family Christmas this year since everything would be so rushed. They were bummed since they do not get to see all their cousins regularly since many are grown and spread out (soon to be across the country). I had thrown a few different ideas out to try to make it work but they are seemed really complicated to pull off.

My kids and I came up with the idea that we could pick them up at their dads house, drive to my brothers for the family Christmas, then at some point drive back home and then do our Christmas that night whenever we would arrive back at the house. I knew they would never go for that, after all they look forward to their presents. I was absolutely shocked when they said that is what they wanted to do!! They wanted to put their Christmas on hold so they could spend time with their cousins! WOW!!!

So for now... that is the Christmas plan. Of course we will have Kennedi do her Christmas in the morning because she will be ready for bed by the time we get back home that night. I am actually still shocked that they decided they wanted to do that.

Why would they want to do that you may ask..... well lets see if they stayed home they would be missing out on:

*their grandparents (my parents)... who had.....
*4 children... who are all married..... who went on to have......
*17 grandchildren...... and 3 of them had added....
*spouses.... and..... 4 great-grand children.......

which means A LOT OF PEOPLE, A LOT OF CRAZINESS but obviously A LOT OF FUN, that my kids do not want to miss!!!!

Wow... now thinking about how amazing and blessed my family is (and I know I am going to leave someone out or forget something... sorry) are some random facts about them.... Out of the 17 grandchildren my parents have.....

11 of the 17 are college aged and older.... 4 of them are college graduates, 2 of those have gone on to get advanced degrees (one in business, the other a PA)! Out of the 4 graduates, 3 played sports while in college (one played soccer and 2 played baseball), the one that did not play a sport attended one of the US Military Academy's (GO AIR FORCE)!

5 more are in college and getting ready to graduate (some this year, some next). 1 of those is keeping up his love for baseball and is playing in college. 2 of those in college are ROTC and one hopes to go on to get an advanced degree in medicine. Most of them are having a blast in their Fraternities/Sororities
He is something great in these times... ALL of those not in college have jobs!!

Have I lost you yet?? There is still more!!

Out of the 3 in high school..... two play sports (one is soccer and the other baseball) and the 3rd is hoping to make the 9th grade team this year (go Conner)! Funny thing too.... out of the grandchildren, 6 of them play or played baseball. I have the only child that is NOT a pitcher!

As for living in the south and college rivalries.....Football season is interesting!
out of my siblings and I, two of us (not me) went to an SEC school and with the grandchildren so far we have 3 different SEC schools represented (Auburn, Ole Miss, and South Carolina) and 1 ACC school (GT) that has just as bad a rivalry with some of those SEC schools. I am hoping that a certain 4th school is NOT added in 2 years (come on Blake...think Auburn and not Georgia).

Between all the grand kids they have all stayed semi-close to home and are still somewhere in the south. Well until the spring when my nephew packs up his family and heads out west to train on his new plane. I am still in shock that they allow him to fly a plane all by himself, well with 1 other person in there. That to me is amazing... not that he is allowed to do it, but I guess that he is old enough and can do it! WAY TO GO MATT!!

Most importantly, ALL of the grand kids are wonderful people who love their family and the time we get to spend together. Thanks to face book it is now easier to stay connected with all of them!!

So... now you can see a little bit on why my kids do not want to miss out on the family Christmas this year... At least I will have a great camera with me to catch many many great memories!!

Here are 13 of the 17

Here are some more of the 17....some are in both pictures...

and the last missing of the 17...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas time is here!!!

Ahhh we did it!! We got into the Christmas spirit.... a little!

Saturday we finally made it out to get a tree! We went to once place and did not find one so we went to where my parents got theirs since it was a nice tree. Yup, we got our tree at Kroger this year (don't laugh). It was a great price too! And pretty... see....

We set it up and let it be on Saturday while Chris went to work. Sunday after church we were all together (since Chris went into work at 3) and we were able to decorate it not once but twice!

There is nothing like getting the tree up and decorated, then standing back to look at how pretty it is, noticing that it is leaning just a little and then seconds later watching it crash onto the floor. Ok so it did not crack onto the floor but it did crash onto the fireplace. Luckily only one ornament was lost in the crash!

So Sunday we took all the ornaments off the tree, took the tree back outside and did a little operating (that was Chris' job) to get it to fit in the stand correctly.

The above picture was taken after the 2nd time decorating.

Today I decided that it was about time to take Kennedi to see Santa Clause. I mean what is Christmas without scarring your young child for life making them sit on a strangers lap???


I got Kennedi dressed in one of her Christmas outfits....

scarred her for life (ok maybe not since she will not remember it).....

After that I decided to take her .......

To ride the Pink Pig!!!

I mean really..... what is Christmas without heading to Lenox to ride Priscilla, the Pink Pig???

At least she liked that!!!!

**and yes, I was a bad mommy and forgot the camera so all pictures are taken with the camera on the phone**

Now if I could only get into the Christmas spirit a little more and wrap some of the many gifts that need to be wrapped!