Monday, October 12, 2009

October 15th

Did you know that

....670,000 pregnancies miscarry each year
....15%-20% of all recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage
....Most miscarriages happen within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy

That's a pretty high number. Too high!

Did you also know that in 1988 President Ronald Regan proclaimed October to be National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month? .... that is OK if you didn't. I didn't either until just a few days ago. You can read about the proclamation here.

It has since been narrowed down a little more. October 15 is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day. Some of you may has why would there be a day for that?? As one website states, "Because every life, even the tiniest and shortest lived deserves to be remembered". To see more information about October 15 you can go here.

So this year on October 15th at 7:00pm I will be taking part in the Wave of Life. I will light a candle and let it burn for 1 hour. If everyone did this at 7pm in their time zone there will be a constant wave of light all over the world on October 15th for all those Angel Babies.

There will also be walks all over the county through the next few weeks. The Atlanta Walk to Remember is on October 18th. This year is the 5th Annual and I had no clue something like this had been going on. Its amazing how much you learn when things hit home. Sadly, Chris has two angel babies. His first, a little girl that was born at 21 weeks and then he had to go through it all over again just a few months ago when we lost one at 13 weeks.

I posted the link to the Atlanta walk above but there are walks all over the country. You can find one in your state by going here.

So if you are not busy at 7pm on the 15th sit down and light a candle for all those "littlest angels" out there. If you are busy, take a moment during the day to say a prayer and think about all those babies, (or would be now children, teens, adults) that should be laying in their cribs, beds, watching movies, out with their dates, etc. but are not.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up...

Well lets see if I can even remember what went on this weekend.....

Friday night was actually an easy night this weekend. Conner stayed home!! Can you believe it?? Well his girlfriend came over and they watched a movie. I got to meet her for the first time. She seems really nice and is adorable. Of course I was not going to embarrass him this early and take pictures of them but I really did want to!! Well I didn't want to embarrass him but I did want to take pictures.

The next day we moved to the weekends festivities.... Avery with lacrosse and Conner with baseball. I know that is shocking but yes we survived. Avery's team lost and Avery did not have his best game. I actually asked him after the game is he would rather switch and do something else... like ballet! He was not the only one that was no on that morning. The whole team seemed off a little bit.

We had to travel about an hour for Conner's tournament this weekend. Saturday they split the two games (won one and lost one). Conner went 1 for 5 but had all hits. Most of them were pretty solid hits too but just placed wrong. I was happy he had no strike outs..... well until Sunday! Sunday was another story, I guess it was Northgate's turn to just not seem into it. We lost and it was not until the end of the game where they looked decent. We just could not hit. That is OK, we lost, we move on and we look towards the next tournament, in two weeks.. I think.

Poor baby Kennedi... She is so sweet even when she is sick! When we got home from Avery's lacrosse game Chris noticed that she was a little warm. She was running around playing at the game, learning to kick a ball. Yes, I am still hoping for 1 soccer player out of the crew!! But when Chris took her temp it was at 101. No baseball for Kennedi! Chris stayed home with her and I took Conner. Avery actually opted to stay home too (he does not enjoy watching baseball games). I have to admit that after Chris sent me this picture I am not sure I will leave her home with him anymore...

I think I may have to burn that paci! Poor baby but its OK she will still learn to say WAR EAGLE pretty soon (even after that game on Saturday)!

Today Kennedi woke up and was doing great all day long.
She liked to climb up the ladder....

and then slide down the slide....

I loved the way she went down the slide all by herself... She did too... Avery had her on the playground and said she would climb and slide then climb and slide.

Then when we got home and getting ready for bed tonight she seemed a little warm again. I got the courage up to take her temperature. I HATE to take temperatures of babies!! I like it so much better when they can hold that thermometer under their tongue. I was really upset when it beeped and said 102.1!! Ugh more medicine. She is now upstairs and sleeping soundly. I hope it breaks tonight and that she will be fever free tomorrow. I don't want her to miss school on Tuesday! She is starting to do so well there!

I guess that is all for now. Enjoy the cute video and not so cute picture. Well she is cute in the picture but the little prop that was in it.. not so much!!