Friday, January 8, 2010

1st snow day of 2010...

...and probably the last! So sad. But there is some humor in today.. keep on reading to the very very end!

Yes, school was canceled today for the dusting that we had last night. I am not going to complain, I will take a snow day, ice day, hurricane day, whatever day you want to call it as long as we can sleep in.

Here in the south there is a panic if the threat of a few flurries are mentioned. It is understandable since we have like 4 plows for the entire city of Atlanta. Yes, that was mentioned on the news. It really does paralyze the city.

Oh did I mention about sleeping in? Well the thought was there but at 5:30am the phone rang. I have to admit that it scared the S*** out of me! Having parents that are getting up there in age, a husband that at times doesn't get home from work until 3am you do not want to hear the phone ring in what seems like the middle of the night. So I answer the phone and it is a recording from the school system saying that the schools are closed. Gee I think I got that memo last night! Oh and the news stations carry it, the internet carries it. There are many ways to get that memo besides calling everyones houses at 5:30am! So today was an early day for me!

Well, there was the dusting of snow. It was so little that I did not even take a picture of it. I figure my friends from Maryland would laugh and say something smart (its ok if you do). The boys were not even interested in going out to "play" in it. Thankfully Kennedi is still too young to know what it is so I was spared the cold.

Oh but my gifted child... ahh so smart... He wanted to go check the roads. Now any child with common sense would have gone to the 2nd floor and looked out the window. My child, well he decided to go out and actually go up to the road to look. Not a big deal right? Well when we walked out the door into the garage he had a short sleeve shirt on and no shoes. I have no idea what he was thinking, or if they even think at 15.

Avery is now at a friends house for the night so I guess I get a little bit of quiet. I am sure that I am soon to have my head hit the pillow.

Well I do have to mention this.... since I was just talking about my gifted 15 year old. Brains and common sense, I guess you can not have both! Conner actually chagned a diaper for me today. It was a messy one too. Ok he did not volunteer but he did not complain. So Kennedi is walking around in her sleeper from last night. Ok, so I just spilled the beans about not getting out of our pj's all day.

Anyway, back to my diaper story. So she was in this diaper for maybe 2 hours. I picked her up to take her upstairs to get clean jammies on. At least I was putting her in clean ones for tonight. I was kinda curious why her sleeper was a little damp. Then when I lay her down I notice this bulge in the foot of her sleeper.

Yup, it was her diaper. I have no idea what Conner did, or didnt do when he put on the diaper. I mean Velcro.. come on! But the diaper was down in the foot of her pjs. How could I not laugh, and then call Conner up to show him how his diapering techniques failed!!

Whew never a dull moment in this house! I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I hope it brings some clear roads so I can go to the grocery store. We are out of milk!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here we go again!!!

Doesn't Kennedi look little in these pictures? Yes, for those of you that remember they were used once before (last May to be exact).

But it was so cute that we thought we should use them again. You know, since it did not work out well last time.

This time will be a whole lot better! We have made it farther than last time already. We went to the doctor today for our 12 week check and they heard a strong and steady heartbeat. Then the doctor let me know that after this point when they hear the heartbeat it is less than a 5% chance of miscarriage!

So we now proceed!

No it was not completely planned...but I guess things happen.

Yes we will find out what it is... when we can. Trust me, Avery would go crazy if we didn't. He is already very excited.

Yes I am hoping for a girl (just so it would be more convenient since we have all the girl stuff). But really just want a healthy baby of course.

As for Chris, he says it doesn't matter to him as long as it is healthy.

Being that I would like another girl, means that we will most likely have a little boy. That is perfectly fine too... but he may look funny in some of Kennedi's clothes.

Yes I have been sick.. but not near as bad a with Kennedi.

And the ETA for the last one will be ..... July 16, 2010.... NO BEACH FOR ME this summer.... WAAAHHHHHH

....and now Kennedi is sitting on my lap as i type, looking at her pictures above and signing "baby" like crazy. I do not think she realized those are of her!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's a New Year!!

2009 went so fast and I am sure, like many other people, I will be stuck writing it on checks for the next few weeks.

This New Years Eve was pretty low key. The boys were at their dad this year and Chris was actually off of work, well he worked until 6 but was off that night. That one night is just not what it used to be. With all the drunk drivers out on the road and then we still have to wake up with a toddler the next morning. So, we stayed home! It was WONDERFUL! It was a football evening!

Since then we have not done a whole lot either. New Years Day Chris was off all day so we literally sat and watched football all day long. I did get my fire in the fireplace... all day long. But I will still freezing!! ICK, I am ready for some spring temperatures. Chris made an early dinner that night. He HAD to have his black eyed peas, greens and country ham. I did eat some of the ham but the rest of it... FORGET IT!

The boys come home today and we start back into the school routine on Wednesday with them. Kennedi actually starts back on Tuesday because she is in a different county. I am not looking forward to the school routine again. I am so ready for school to be over and have this year done! I guess we are now about halfway there!! YAY! WE CAN DO IT!

So that is the update of the new year... so far. Not a lot going on but the relaxation has been great! Now if that can continue through the year and the stress stay away... YEAH RIGHT!!