Friday, January 8, 2010

1st snow day of 2010...

...and probably the last! So sad. But there is some humor in today.. keep on reading to the very very end!

Yes, school was canceled today for the dusting that we had last night. I am not going to complain, I will take a snow day, ice day, hurricane day, whatever day you want to call it as long as we can sleep in.

Here in the south there is a panic if the threat of a few flurries are mentioned. It is understandable since we have like 4 plows for the entire city of Atlanta. Yes, that was mentioned on the news. It really does paralyze the city.

Oh did I mention about sleeping in? Well the thought was there but at 5:30am the phone rang. I have to admit that it scared the S*** out of me! Having parents that are getting up there in age, a husband that at times doesn't get home from work until 3am you do not want to hear the phone ring in what seems like the middle of the night. So I answer the phone and it is a recording from the school system saying that the schools are closed. Gee I think I got that memo last night! Oh and the news stations carry it, the internet carries it. There are many ways to get that memo besides calling everyones houses at 5:30am! So today was an early day for me!

Well, there was the dusting of snow. It was so little that I did not even take a picture of it. I figure my friends from Maryland would laugh and say something smart (its ok if you do). The boys were not even interested in going out to "play" in it. Thankfully Kennedi is still too young to know what it is so I was spared the cold.

Oh but my gifted child... ahh so smart... He wanted to go check the roads. Now any child with common sense would have gone to the 2nd floor and looked out the window. My child, well he decided to go out and actually go up to the road to look. Not a big deal right? Well when we walked out the door into the garage he had a short sleeve shirt on and no shoes. I have no idea what he was thinking, or if they even think at 15.

Avery is now at a friends house for the night so I guess I get a little bit of quiet. I am sure that I am soon to have my head hit the pillow.

Well I do have to mention this.... since I was just talking about my gifted 15 year old. Brains and common sense, I guess you can not have both! Conner actually chagned a diaper for me today. It was a messy one too. Ok he did not volunteer but he did not complain. So Kennedi is walking around in her sleeper from last night. Ok, so I just spilled the beans about not getting out of our pj's all day.

Anyway, back to my diaper story. So she was in this diaper for maybe 2 hours. I picked her up to take her upstairs to get clean jammies on. At least I was putting her in clean ones for tonight. I was kinda curious why her sleeper was a little damp. Then when I lay her down I notice this bulge in the foot of her sleeper.

Yup, it was her diaper. I have no idea what Conner did, or didnt do when he put on the diaper. I mean Velcro.. come on! But the diaper was down in the foot of her pjs. How could I not laugh, and then call Conner up to show him how his diapering techniques failed!!

Whew never a dull moment in this house! I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I hope it brings some clear roads so I can go to the grocery store. We are out of milk!


Kristin said...

I can tell you right out that Alex never changed a diaper so good for Conner! And, ahem, I think daddy has done some diaper changes where things didn't stay put either.

Must be a guy thing!

Tara said...

well I do have to say it was more a
Conner: mom, can so and so come over?
Me: Sure if you change K's diaper!
Conner: hmmmm (and he changed it)

and then the friend was not able to come over.... oops.

Nancy said...


Tiffany said...

Awww, lol!! You have such a sweet blog!

Jamie H said...

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