Friday, April 23, 2010

Ahh Spring is here!

and the HOA covenant police is out in full force.

We got an email a few weeks ago saying that there is now a company that will drive through the neighborhood bi-weekly and look for covenant violations. Ahh Fun!

Apparently they had a drive through a few weeks ago. How do I know this you ask?

Well, in the mail today was an envelope with not 1, not 2, but 2 pieces of paper with violations that we are in.

SHAME, SHAME on us!!

We are such rule breakers!!! Let's see..... we have to trim the hedges in front of the house (OK this was done last weekend so I guess they are a little slow at getting the letters out). Hmm what was #2.... oh yeah, we have to "refresh" the pine straw around the trees and in front of our house. Ok, I guess I will go out and kick up a little of the straw to "refresh" it. This last one made me laugh! I do not know why but it did..... This is a biggie!!!

We have weeds in the yard!!!

Can you believe that?? How dare us have weeds in the yard!!! Drive around the neighborhood.... it's spring and 80% of the yards have weeds. The ones that don't are in phase 1 and the Bermuda has choked them all out. At least the weeds are green (unlike much of the yards in the neighborhood)!!!

Yes, we pay for these people to ride around and tell us these things!!

Ahhh a day in the life of neighborhood living!!!