Monday, February 7, 2011

The hardest part of being a mom...

It's not the sickness we endure for sometimes 9 month while carrying a child...

It's not the pain we go through while giving birth...

It's not kissing and fixing up the bloody knees and scrapes from all the falls the child takes...

It's not the nagging and constant battles of keeping the room clean and taking away the phone....

No, it's not any one of those, even though those are not fun times at all.

It's those things you can't fix, the things you can't kiss and make better.

It's (so far) seeing a child disappointed, seeing a child not achieve something he has worked his whole (short) life to do.

We hit that this weekend. It is the worst thing that I have experienced as a mom so far!! I thought it was bad when he broke his elbows 3 times and had pins and stitches.

Playing ball since he was 4, loving the sport, not making a team, seeing his face when that reality hit. That has been the worst part of being a mom (so far).

The feeling of being helpless, not being able to take away what it was he was feeling.

At the same time I am so proud of him!

Even after the disappointment of not making the JV team (but made it through to the last cuts), he is not giving up on the sport he loves! He made the 9th grade team last year and he knows he had the ability to make Varsity next year.

He picked himself up (after not showing he was really down), found a place he could play this spring, and said he will try again next year after working hard to improve where he can.

He found that open door so quickly after that one he wanted to walk through closed before he could.

I am sure that as the kids get older there will be bigger disappointments they will go through and this will just be a little scrape on the knee. Wow, I am not looking forward to those!!


I wish that I could pick myself up as quickly as you did!!!