Thursday, April 16, 2009

Have you ever just had, "one of those days"?

Well I know we all have... more than once I am sure!!

Today has definitely been one of those days (and as I am typing this it’s only 2pm). Today has been so much “one of those days” that I am doing this in word and will put it on the blog later.

Of course you probably read the blog I put up earlier today about the trip to the ER with Kennedi. If you haven’t it was not anything major. It ended up that the trip this morning was only the start, well actually looking back it was not even the start, just part of the crazy day!

I was supposed to take the car to the dealership today so they can put a new bulb by the back tag and touch up a spot on the front of the car. Both of these were part of the “we owe” in the deal when we bought the car. Anyway, I just have to start off with, we did not make it down there today. I got up early and got the boys ready for school and on the bus while Kennedi slept in. I was able to relax for a few and I started the laundry and decided to peep in at her while I was upstairs. She was sitting up in her crib playing. I thought OK I will get Kennedi out, feed her and head to the dealership. Apparently Kennedi had other plans.

It all started in the crib.... I will spare all of you the details but YUCK!! So I changed all the sheets, soaked her clothes and gave her a bath (this we will label and bath #1). From there we head downstairs and she eats a great breakfast. We go back up and I decide to vacuum the hallway before we head out. Insert earlier blog from today.

OK now back to the day... things are great, we are back home, Kennedi eats lunch, plays for a little while getting into EVERYTHING! I go up to change her clothes to get her bloody clothes off(ok they were not too bloody but there was many spots), change her diaper and put her in for a nap since she only slept in the car on the way to the hospital. Once again, I will spare you some details but I muck say, “YUCK” again and worse than this morning. I get her cleaned up, clean the carpet and Kennedi takes a bath (we will label this as bath #2). I switch the laundry again and now Kennedi is asleep, I am typing and catching up on the braves’ game for a few. I can only imagine what the rest of the day will bring once she wakes up. Please let it NOT include another unscheduled bath.

...... OK fast forward and now it is 9:00pm and we survived the day! Actually after Kennedi woke up from her nap it was pretty uneventful (thankfully).

We did have Conner's first baseball game of the season but unfortunately they lost (I think it was 9-7). Our pitcher was amazing tonight with both pitching and defensive plays. Great job Jacob!!! It is so cool to watch the kids at this age play and they are to the point where they just think baseball. Its nice when it all comes together and just clicks as it did for most of tonight's game. But, we did have a few errors that killed us. We will get them next time Nationals!! We play again on Saturday. I can't wait! It is finally baseball season here in the south... yeah I know it should have been weeks ago but has been really delayed because of the rain.... but finally it's time to PLAY BALL!!

The first of many boo boo's

Wow... what a calm crazy day it has been so far and it barely lunchtime. Kennedi and I just got back from the emergency room seeing daddy but this time it was a visit to daddy for a boo boo. Now it was not something horrible but since Chris was at work today I decided to go ahead and take her in so he could look at her. Kennedi thinks that she can crawl much faster than she really can. Her body goes quickly but her arms just have not caught up yet. While I was vacuuming the hallway upstairs, Kennedi was supposed to be in her room playing but decided to come out and see what I was doing (I was about 3 feet from her bedroom door). Well she did a face/head plant when she went from the carpet to the wood floor. Her mouth hit the floor and the side of her head hit the door way. WOW does she have a great set of lungs! I thought she was even going to see how long she could hold her breath while screaming too. On top of that it didn't take long for the blood to come out. There goes my nice easy day of cleaning the house.

Being the mouth it bleeds A LOT more than on another place on the body. I didn't know where she hit exactly and her lip was not all puffy so I called Chris and took her in. I was thinking about taking her in anyway so Chris could look at her ears because of this cold she has (ears are all clear). So daddy took a look and saw where the cut was (inside upper lip by the gum) and the bleeding stopped for the most part (at times you can see some more blood but nothing compared to what it was doing). It only took a few minutes as we were on our way home but of course she had to stop to see all the nurses working today. Poor child gets no attention. I do have to say once again... IF I HEAR HOW MUCH SHE LOOKS LIKE HER DADDY ONE MORE TIME I AM GONNA SCREAM!!! OK so I won't, but wow its amazing how much she looks like Chris.

So now we are back home and I have changed over the laundry, finished the floors that I was cleaning when all this began this morning and have decided to sit down and watch a few minutes of the braves game before I started on more cleaning on this beautiful day.

Did I mention that the sun is out and we are scheduled to have a baseball game tonight?? These two things have not happened on the same day this season!! I can't wait to get some pictures of Conner playing tonight and hopefully post tomorrow.

Avery had lacrosse practice last night and did really well. They were all pretty rusty at first since it was the first practice in like 3 weeks. I am tired of the rain and I am so ready for some spring weather! Avery also came home yesterday with his form for his strings class next year which he has decided to not take again. I am thrilled with this decision, I told him he would switch to some private lessons if he wanted to keep going. I was not at all impressed with the program he was in. Many days he will come home, gets on the computer, and watched videos on how to play songs and I think he has learned a lot more doing it that way. So if any of you local people know anyone that gives private guitar lessons please pass on their name and number.

Well I guess I need to go clean up the latest Kennedi mess for the day and switch the clothes in the washer again because I just heard the ding. Hopefully the rest of the day will be a little more exciting uneventful!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Video and one more Easter picture

Here is a picture that I forgot to add to the Easter pictures below.. My very own Easter Bunny!! Kennedi was way too cute in her ears and sunglasses!
I finally was able to get a video on my phone of Kennedi crawling around. She is all over the place and now her favorite place to go is under the TV where the DVD player and Wii are. Watching her crawl is such a cute site!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 09

Happy Easter Everyone!! I hope you all had a relaxing day! The weather was wonderful (at least here in Atlanta). Kennedi had a great first Easter but then her older brothers did too! They started the day with Easter baskets. The boys were excited because they both got their Six Flags Season Passes. Conner LOVES his roller coasters.... Avery... not so much but he is getting better. He did ride the Big Bad Wolf in Busch gardens (that is a big step). I am hoping that we can go numerous times this summer if even for a few hours and he will get more adventurous as the summer goes.
Conner gave up Chocolate for Lent this year and I am not sure he will do that again! I do not think he realized how many things that he likes actually has chocolate. He did great and he did get some chocolate in his basket. Hmmm maybe I will sneak up to see if there is any left! Avery decided to give up gum this year. I think it was a struggle at times for him also. I did see him chewing gum on numerous occasions today. I will refrain from posting the early morning basket pictures of the boys (say thanks mom!!). Kennedi got a bathing suit and a book and two pair of sunglasses in her basket. Avery has also told me that she will NOT be wearing the bathing suit this year since it is a two piece... poor baby!! Sunglasses #1 to wear with her pink outfits (above) and pair #2 for her purple outfits (below). She has I think 3 or 4 other pairs too.. I guess we will have one for each day of the week. But then again she has just as many bathing suits (oops)
Chris and the kids... (wrong setting but still a good picture) I hate this picture but I love the face that Kennedi is making... A clown already!

The three kids after Church... Can you believe it the boys wore ties!! We got Conner a Boston Red Sox tie so I do not think there will be a lot of arguing when he has to wear a tie. Now I am on the lookout for a lacrosse tie for Avery... Let me know if there are any sightings!!

We went to my parents for Easter dinner and it was pretty relaxing... a lot of eating and a lot of golf watching!!

Well I guess that is all... oh wait, did I forget to mention........


She has done one or two crawls but while we were at my parents she took off!! I do have many witnesses to this!!

I am watching her now crawling across my family room. Whew time to find some baby gates (that do not go into the wall or spindles on the steps). I guess my easy days are over... Time to lose the rest of the baby weight.I am trying to get better about taking videos since we have NONE of the kids so one I start to take some and get her crawling I will have to figure out how to get them from the recorder to the computer (any ideas??)....

That's all for now!!