Thursday, April 16, 2009

Have you ever just had, "one of those days"?

Well I know we all have... more than once I am sure!!

Today has definitely been one of those days (and as I am typing this it’s only 2pm). Today has been so much “one of those days” that I am doing this in word and will put it on the blog later.

Of course you probably read the blog I put up earlier today about the trip to the ER with Kennedi. If you haven’t it was not anything major. It ended up that the trip this morning was only the start, well actually looking back it was not even the start, just part of the crazy day!

I was supposed to take the car to the dealership today so they can put a new bulb by the back tag and touch up a spot on the front of the car. Both of these were part of the “we owe” in the deal when we bought the car. Anyway, I just have to start off with, we did not make it down there today. I got up early and got the boys ready for school and on the bus while Kennedi slept in. I was able to relax for a few and I started the laundry and decided to peep in at her while I was upstairs. She was sitting up in her crib playing. I thought OK I will get Kennedi out, feed her and head to the dealership. Apparently Kennedi had other plans.

It all started in the crib.... I will spare all of you the details but YUCK!! So I changed all the sheets, soaked her clothes and gave her a bath (this we will label and bath #1). From there we head downstairs and she eats a great breakfast. We go back up and I decide to vacuum the hallway before we head out. Insert earlier blog from today.

OK now back to the day... things are great, we are back home, Kennedi eats lunch, plays for a little while getting into EVERYTHING! I go up to change her clothes to get her bloody clothes off(ok they were not too bloody but there was many spots), change her diaper and put her in for a nap since she only slept in the car on the way to the hospital. Once again, I will spare you some details but I muck say, “YUCK” again and worse than this morning. I get her cleaned up, clean the carpet and Kennedi takes a bath (we will label this as bath #2). I switch the laundry again and now Kennedi is asleep, I am typing and catching up on the braves’ game for a few. I can only imagine what the rest of the day will bring once she wakes up. Please let it NOT include another unscheduled bath.

...... OK fast forward and now it is 9:00pm and we survived the day! Actually after Kennedi woke up from her nap it was pretty uneventful (thankfully).

We did have Conner's first baseball game of the season but unfortunately they lost (I think it was 9-7). Our pitcher was amazing tonight with both pitching and defensive plays. Great job Jacob!!! It is so cool to watch the kids at this age play and they are to the point where they just think baseball. Its nice when it all comes together and just clicks as it did for most of tonight's game. But, we did have a few errors that killed us. We will get them next time Nationals!! We play again on Saturday. I can't wait! It is finally baseball season here in the south... yeah I know it should have been weeks ago but has been really delayed because of the rain.... but finally it's time to PLAY BALL!!


Nancy said...

Wow, what a day! I am glad Kennedi is ok AND clean! :) Hopefully tomorrow goes smoother, TGIF!

Kristin said...

So was today better? I sure don't miss the surprises babies like to share. :-)