Monday, January 18, 2010

Maybe a not so Happy Birthday?!?!

I do believe that in the last post, you know the one about Avery's 13th birthday, I mentioned in it that there is never a dull moment with Avery around. Well, Sunday (the day after his birthday) he really proved this to be true!

I get a call from Conner from his dads house and first thing he says is, "uh mom, did Avery call you?" Hmmm nope Conner he hadn't. Now this is as I am imagining him on his way to the ER for yet another broken bone or more stitches. But whew, this time it was not that!

Instead, I got, "Well he chipped his two front teeth playing air soft."

Yup my head was spinning.., Airsoft? You don't catch the pellets in your mouth! Well at least a normal person wouldn't try. OK not that Avery tried.. because he didn't! But I guess his friend has really good aim (or really bad aim if he was shooting at something else).

Anyway, he DID have his goggles on but no mask. UGH! Oh well. So when I picked him up last night this is what I saw (OK actually these were taken this morning).

So first thing this morning I was calling the dentist and crossing my fingers that they could get him in.

Of course they could!! Our dentist is AWESOME!!

And... I did have Avery's permission to post the before pictures! He is such a trooper!!

So here we are heading out....

my poor baby and his teeth!

That pretty straight toothed smile!

Ahh here is one done.... OK story behind this one is that Avery really did ask me to let him leave only one fixed for a day or two so he could be funny and look like Lloyd from the movie Dumb and Dumber. That is Avery... he really does try to make the best of every situation!

Of course I said... ABSOLUTELY NOT!

and after the dentist was done...

We have that beautiful straight toothed smile once again!

I guess Avery will never forget his 13th birthday!

... another plus... while we were there they put my crown on for me since it was in. Now I have a free day tomorrow while Kennedi is in school and dont have to pay the dentist a visit!! YAY Dr. J... you are the best!!!