Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring....

... ok it was only drizzling, but the kids still had fun....

The boys were out playing soccer in the driveway while Kennedi walked all through their game.

Avery dressed Kennedi in her rain boots and rain jacket. Now what you do not know (but are about to) is that Kennedi had on a shirt and a diaper under that jacket. Avery did not bother to put pants on her....

This is a special rain jacket.... Avery bought it for her when he was shopping while at his dads house. I should add, he bought it with his own money.

Kennedi LOVES this jacket!!

Kennedi and Avery chillin on the couch, having a snack. She wants to be just like her brothers!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The ones that made me a mom.....

I am very blessed to have the wonderful kids that I do!!! So proud to be their Mom!!!!

This is the one that started it all!! Oh Conner, I never guessed you would be the bright, witty, athletic young man that you are now.... It has been a joy (most days) to be your mom!!

1994 and 2010 (in his high school baseball uniform)

And then came #2. My little boy with the biggest heart that anyone could have. Ave is smart, athletic and loves to make people laugh!

1997 and 2010 (in his middle school lacrosse uniform)

ahhh and just when I thought I was not going to have any more kids... along came Kennedi. She has added so much to the household! She is such a sweet little "Daddy's girl"!!

pictures taken in 2008 and 2010

and the final (yes, I am sure) addition to the bunch! Arriving soon at a hospital near us....
photo taken 2010

In 2007, I got a package deal... When Chris and I got married I also got Dakota...
Here is a picture off all the crew (well all of them as of 12/2009)


Happy Mother's Day!!!

...and this is what I get for trying to make a cute Mother's Day video for Grandma since she is at the beach relaxing on this beautiful Mother's Day.

I wonder if my kids can ever be serious?!?!