Saturday, October 3, 2009

and her 1st phrase will be WAR EAGLE!!!

... I mean look at her... how could it be anything else?????

This is her new Auburn outfit that I got at the fair today!!! It was a great deal and I LOVE IT!! Pillowcase dress and Capri's.....


It's October already?!?!?!

This weather is GREAT!! I am starting to love October, I just hope it stays like this.

I am getting so bad about this. It has been a week since the last time I blogged and I can not think of what happened this week. I know there were some things I wanted to mention and of course they are gone. I really need to keep paper and pen or maybe use the memo on my phone. Gotta get into that habit.

Saturdays mornings in the fall usually mean games for Conner and/or Avery. Today was just Avery's lacrosse game. They lost 7-2 but man did Avery play well! I sat down on the end and could hear the way he communicates with his teammates and helps them "see" what they can't in the middle of plays. He had some great checks today too. Avery is also FINALLY growing into his D-pole. We have been meaning to cut it but it slips our mind until we see him out on the field again. By the looks of it I do not think it will need to be cut. Avery just maybe growing!!

These pictures are actually from last weekend. I was by myself at the game with Kennedi so that meant no chance for picture taking. Hopefully next weekend I will be able to take some more. Chris is off on Saturday so he will be there to chase the littlest monster.

There was no tournament scheduled for Conner's baseball team this weekend, which was great news to me!!

The first weekend in October also means it is time for the "Cotton Pickin Fair". This is usually a pretty neat little fair out in the country. This year it was not so neat! Well the fair itself was but the traffic getting to it... not so much. I think they need to relocate to something other than a small country road. But anyway, Kennedi and I had a girls day today and spent a few hours there after Avery's game. She was so good!! I actually went looking for some specific things and only found a couple of things. Yay for the wallet!! I did not spend nearly as much as I thought I was going to. One thing that I bought for Kennedi is so adorable! I am going to post some pictures later when she wakes from her nap.

Chris got out of the girls day, which is good since he is not a girl and if he went I could not call it a girls day! He took a 2 hour drive (1 way) to Warner Robbins and went to his son, Dakota's 6th birthday party. This was pretty cool for Chris because he has not seen Dakota since December (due to issues with his ex wife). Chris seemed to have a good time.

The pictures are not the best quality.... I still need to show Chris the different settings on the camera but they will do....

Ahh time to get something for dinner so we can hopefully get home before the Auburn-Tennessee Kickoff.... WAR EAGLE!!!!