Saturday, March 20, 2010



LOOK WHO'S 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YUP... Chris turned the big 4-0 today!!

And we hope you had a wonderful day!!!

A busy busy weekend!!

Chris had this whole weekend off. It was wonderful!

Of course I think he did it so that he could relax on his birthday....
but wait....

Chris can never relax!!!

So instead we took all day Friday and got the kids rooms changed out (well mostly on Friday).

So if you follow.... here you go...

Conner went down to the main level in what was the guest room...
Kennedi went into Conner's old room...
Avery went into Kennedi's old room...
The baby will be in Avery's old room...

While each room was vacant we painted 2 of the rooms. WHEW what a day...

Here are some pictures of the way the rooms look now...
I do not have any pictures of Conner's room. It already looks like the room of a 15 year old boy!

Avery's new room...

Avery's new room... window view

Kennedi's new room

Kennedi's new room

the soon to be nursery. We will paint when the bedding comes in, currently on back order.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's a good one!

As many of you know, I read a few blogs from time to time and one that I really like is written by Mama M. Today I loved the post she wrote about! It is about.....


What a wonderful time of year for her to write about it as we approach Easter. There actually have been many times that I wanted to write about being Catholic and have not figured out a way to do it. Religion, like politics can be a sticky subject to write about.

Growing up in the north (well north of where I am now) most of the people I knew were Catholic. Moving back down south 14 years ago I was one of the few. Of course there are many more Catholics here now (at least where I live) but I still get "those looks" or the comment of, "oh, you are one of those" when some people find out that I am Catholic.

I wish I could claim it all as my writing, but I can't so click here and hop on over to her blog for a great read!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Last night most of the family got together to celebrate my dad's 75th birthday. It was not a surprise, at his age do you even want to surprise them anymore? You never know how it will end up. Just kidding!

When Chris and I were pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant we saw this...
It was so pretty!

The rain had cleared and all that was left was a beautiful and huge rainbow. You could also see the other end but by the time I took the pictures it had faded a lot.

This was all of us who were able to make it..... One of my sisters could not make it. She was out of town visiting her oldest son for his birthday (which is 2 days before my dad's). We missed ya Karen!

and of course one of my dad (and mom)

Aunt Beth entertained Kennedi almost the whole time. Kennedi LOVES her! I think they both had a blast. I did feel bad when Beth could not even eat her dinner without Kennedi on her lap. I just hope Kennedi did not eat all of Beth's food!!!!

Kennedi and her napkin kerchief. It was adorable and she actually kept it on her head for quite awhile.

....after that my camera battery died. Figures that I forgot to charge it.

It was a great time!!!