Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hmm lets see......

School is in full swing and both kids are doing GREAT!!

Baseball is about to be in full swing for Conner. The team that he was going to play on this fall does not look like it is going to pan out but..... the high school he is going to (and hopefully play for in the spring) has gotten a team or two together and Conner will be playing with them. Well its a team that is not a high school sponsored team. Its coached by some of the dads and we will be doing tournaments throughout the fall. Luckily they will be local. On top of that add the fall conditioning at the school for spring baseball 4 days a week. Whew.. I hope that kid really loves baseball!

Avery is about to start his fall lacrosse season. I still need to sign him up but hey I have until the 9th of Sept to do that... plenty of time!

College football is about to start.. ahhh another year of Auburn season tickets BUT with lacrosse on Saturday mornings and baseball tournaments on some weekends it may be a footballess (yes I know that is not a word) fall for us! Anyone want to buy some Auburn tickets?!?

And then there is Kennedi. I am so thankful she is NOT into any extracurricular activities.. YET! She does start school on Tuesday! We had meet the teacher this week and she seemed to like it. She got down out of my arms almost as soon as we walked into her classroom, walked over to the toys and it was like, "mommy.. who is she??".

Oh yeah... and more teeth!! So now we have the front 8 (4 upper and 4 lower), one lower molar that is completely in and then 3 (I think) other molars about to break through. Chris said there was one of the eye teeth about to make its way out also... Wow.... more drool, lovely!!

Well that's it, or that's all I can comprehend right now... I am tired and heading off to bed to read while Chris works...

Have a great night!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Did we have a weekend??

Its Sunday night and I guess I need to actually say... did we have a last week?? It FLEW!!

The boys had a great week at school and Conner is loving high school. Avery is doing great so far and loves his 7th grade teachers. Keep your fingers crossed that it stays that way!

I hope to be able to fit in blogging with the schedule I have about to start in a few weeks.

As many of you know Conner is playing baseball this fall for a team that is doing just tournaments. They have been and will continue to practice 3 times a week. I also just found out that his high school has fall baseball conditioning. So on top of the practice factor in 4 days a week, after school conditioning for spring baseball.

Oh but not done yet!! Add in Avery and his lacrosse that I recently got the sign up email. So he will be practicing 2 days a week and playing on the 3rd.

On top of that throw in a husband that works... A LOT... and a baby that hates to sit still in her stroller and what do you get??? tired mama!!!

Oddly enough, I can't wait for it all to kick in!!! So if I don't blog as much you can see why! Watch out though, when I do get a chance to sit and blog I am sure they will be a little longer and full of pictures!!

Have a great Monday!!