Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chris Update.....

Hey there…

I just got off the phone with Chris this morning and he gave me the update….

I guess I should start from the beginning yesterday for those of you that had not heard…. Chris was on his way to Macon to pick up Dakota and right before he got to Griffin on 16 he started having chest pains, sweats and a lot of pain in his neck. He called me and told me that he was driving himself to the ER. Luckily he was pretty close to the hospital and it is one of the hospitals he works at part time (he was working the night before).

I got there about 90 minutes after he did and when I got there he was doing better but still have some dull pain. His nurses said that when he came in he looked horrible and like someone that had a heart attack. They did an EKG on him and it did not come back completely normal. The fist enzyme test came back fine. They went ahead and admitted him for the night. I had the baby with me and extra kids at the housed last night so I came home a few hours after I had gotten there. About 11pm I talked to Chris and they did the second enzyme test and it came back fine. They still had one to do this morning and I think they might be doing a repeat EKG today (but not sure).

When I talked to Chris this morning the 3rd test came back fine so it was not a heart attack. He thinks that he will have to go do a stress test this week as an outpatient and see what that turns up. He is not sure what it was and so far this morning the doctor had not been in to see him. The nurse came in a little bit ago and said the doctor was there but on another floor so hopefully he will see Chris soon. We will let you know what happens this week with the stress test…


Friday, September 12, 2008

A week in review...

Last week was Kennedi's second Auburn game. It was an early game so the day was not as long for her as it was the week before. It's hard to get over there and tailgate when the game starts at 11:30am. Even though it was early it was still extremely hot. Well actually it was miserably hot! The game was a good one in the fact that we won but it was not always a pretty one. Anyway, Kennedi looked adorable in her pink Auburn onsie and she even got a new t shirt for cooler games. This one is long sleeved and I don't have any pictures yet. The whole game we were commenting on how it could rain a few drops and feel great. Well we got our wish... plus some! Late in the fourth quarter we felt some raindrops. We were joking about how we wanted this earlier in the game. Right after that the sky opened up. I can not even say it poured because it was a lot more rain than that. I felt like Hannah was directly above us. We tried to get under cover quickly but so did the rest of the 87,000 plus fans at the game. By the time we got in a dry spot we were soaked! It was an uncomfortable ride home that afternoon.

The next day Chris, Kennedi and I were on our way to church and Kennedi threw up all over the car seat. Not spit up but all out puking!! She was so pitiful but such a good girl throughout the whole ordeal. Needless to say we turned around, went back home and took care of a sick baby. We are still not sure what was wrong with her but we think maybe she got too hot on Saturday. Thankfully the Auburn game is away this week and then next week its a night game.
Speaking of Auburn games, this week Kennedi got a new outfit to wear to the games.She will be the cutest baby there!!

need I say more?
This week also brought some changes to Kennedi..... She decided this week that she did not need to be swaddled anymore. Gee 5 weeks old and bam, she is a big girl!! She would kick out of the swaddle as soon as we put her down. She has done great so far without it.
The other even that took place (last night actually) I am not thrilled with but it had to happen. Kennedi slept in her big crib for the first time!! Chris and I have had so much trouble sleeping because Kennedi likes to make noises. She doesn't cry when she wakes up but she grunts, babbles and breathes heavy. We wanted to see how she would do in her room (more Chris wanted to see, I still thought she was too little to sleep all alone). We put her in bed last night and she slept 5 hours!! SWEET! Why did we not do this before?? She went from 10:30 last night until 3:30 this morning. When she woke up I fed her, put her in her crib and she went another 3 1/2 hours. It was wonderful. I still can not believe she likes her own room and crib instead of the pack and play that is in our room but I guess if it makes her sleep better than we will go with it.
Well have a great weekend and WAR EAGLE!!
Tara and Chris