Monday, February 1, 2010

Sign Recognition

Well I know that kids learn early what the different fast food signs mean. I remember Conner seeing those golden arches and going nuts when we pulled in the parking lot. Avery did the same with Chick Fil A.

Kennedi, well she is a little different. What a kid! Chris and I pulled into a parking lot today with a bunch of stores. As soon as we turned a corner Kennedi started to laugh and smile and point. Chris started to crack up and when I turned around Chris said, "Kennedi where do you want to go?"

There she was... kicking her feet and pointing to Starbucks! WOW! She gets either the pumpkin spice break or the lemon iced cake when we go in. So I guess Starbucks is her golden arch!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rainy Saturday

Whew Saturday started out as a really rough day! Kennedi had one of those tantrums that I did not think was ever going to stop. She was at it for about an hour. I sure hope that she does not have too many like that (but I know she will). I am not looking forward to the next one!

Daddy was gone all day spending the day with Dakota in Macon. He had planned to do a few things with him but it seems like they soon feel apart. It was raining so the outdoor park idea was out. Then when they got to the Children's Museum it was closed for renovations. They met up with one of Chris' friends for lunch and then headed to a movie that Dakota wanted to see. Thankfully, I was spared from that movie, The Tooth Fairy. I have seen my share of bad movies lately!

Dakota gave Chris a picture frame with a picture in it. It was from the Doughnuts for Dad they had at school last week. Chris was not able to make it down this time, he got the call the night before while he was at work telling him about it. The three hour drive was not feasible with the work schedule he had that night and the next day. Hopefully next year he will know in advance.

Anyway, after Kennedi was done melting down we headed out to Monkey Joe's for the day. It just opened and I was hoping it would not be too crowded (on a rainy Saturday). When we got there it was great, the was a small crowd but nothing bad. When we left it was a different story! I cant wait to go back during the week when a lot of the kids are in school.

K did not know what to do at first but it didn't take her long to go have fun and play with the other kids her size.

Here she is approaching the dog with caution...

climbing up the ladder....

thinking about having to come down...

sliding down....

cracking up at the bottom! she LOVED it. I think she went back about 20 times and did the slide over and over.

I took a lot of pictures but when I went back to look at them it seemed like 90% of them was her going up and down the slide. I told you she liked it...