Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A week has past already....

since the last time I sat down to blog?? Wow, it can't be that long. If it were that would make my life appear to be boring and uneventful.... but we all know that can't be true. Well, not with my 14 year old who can't find his way out of a wet paper bag (and yes I tell him that quite often) any my 12 year old who is trying to keep up with the 14 year old. Yes the 12 year old can find his way out of that same wet paper bag. And then little mite who does something new almost everyday.

Yup... my like is boring and uneventful!!

Lets see... week 2 of school for Kennedi and this week they went the full 4 hours... well almost! I got a call about 12:15 saying that Kennedi was miserable and that maybe I should come get her. So I head out and pick her up about 25 minutes early. I walk in the door and the director says to me, "I know you are going to think we were lying to you but she really was sobbing before". I walk up to the room and she is playing nicely with the other kids. Well the sobs came right back again when she saw me. Poor baby was so tired! I guess maybe she is not ready for the full 4 hours yet (because she still takes 2 naps some days). We will work on (or work up to) the full 4 hours. Oh.. and she was asleep before we made it 2 miles down the road.

The boys are with their dad this week so I have nothing really to report on their behalf. They will be home tomorrow and they are so excited for me to pick them up from school. Why you ask?? Well I am going to tell you even if you didn't! Because I am going to take them (meaning all 3 kids) to get their flu shot!! WOOOHOOO. I know you would be excited too. Hey if you ask nicely maybe they will volunteer to change places with you for a few minutes (ask Avery 1st since he LOVES shots so much). Chris has seen way too much flu already (yes it is still very early) to not get the shot this year. This will be the 1st one for all of us, well all but Chris.

But as a reward for them being such good sports with their flu shots (OK maybe not) we are heading to the beach this weekend for the long weekend! SWEET!! One last weekend of sitting in the sun, toes in the sand, and reading a really good book (or two). At least that is MY plan. The boys are each bringing a friend with them so who knows what we will really be doing.

So as I close this out and vow to blog more often I would like to leave you with this...
I think Kennedi has Loco Legs....