Saturday, April 17, 2010

Her 1st Bad Word!!!!!

I really thought that Kennedi would be much older when she said her first bad word but I am not that fortunate!

This cute little girl... (yes the picture was taken last fall)

at the age of 20 months.... said her 1st bad word!!

She came out and said.....

GO DAWGS!!!!!!

Needless to say.... Daddy was thrilled and Mommy was not happy!!!

We will be working on her saying WAR EAGLE a little clearer than she says it now...Hopefully she understood when I told her Go Dawgs was a bad word and she could get her mouth washed out with soap (OK I am kidding, I will wait a few years to do that).

We are now truly.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A mini vacation

Chris and I told each other that for our big birthdays we were not going to do the party thing but instead we were going to plan a trip. When we decided this we both (or at least I) had images in my head of a warm beach, a nice drink, and an island far, far, away.

But.... Chris and I took a trip to New Orleans as his 40th birthday trip. He had never been there and I had not been there since I was in middle school. We took Kennedi to Grandma and Papa's house and the boys were with their dad this year for break and off we went for a three day mini vacation.

The view from our room on the 40th floor.

the view from Bourbon Street... well a view that is appropriate for a blog.

one of the many pictures Chris took on the street car.

We had a great time!! I miss the beignets already and we can't wait to go back again!! Hopefully, next time we can fit it in with the kids schedules and take them with us!!