Friday, February 26, 2010

High School Baseball!

Conner started playing baseball (well t-ball) at 4. When I would go to his practices and games we had to drive past the 13/14 fields and I thought to myself many times, "Wow it is going to be forever until Conner is old enough to play here but so much fun to watch because by then he will KNOW baseball".

Well I blinked and he was on those fields.....

I blinked again and he was in high school!!

Yesterday was another day that many parents I know have been waiting for. The first time to watch my son play baseball in his high school uniform and on his high school field.

Well the game was away so tomorrow will be the high school field moment.

I have to admit my eyes got watery when I saw him in his uniform ready to play the game!


IT'S A(nother) GIRL!!!

Chris and I went to the 20 week ultrasound this morning and got lots of pictures of the new baby. I have not scanned them but wanted to get this one up!

We have known for a little while that it was going to be a girl but I wanted to be sure first. Chris could tell on one of the ultrasounds he did.

Everything looks great and we look forward to the new baby joining us in July. We do have a name, it is down to two spellings and we are just trying to figure out which one we like best! I asked the boys for their input thinking that we could go with the one they picked but they each like a different way.... so... still deciding!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A nice memento....

As I wrote about here, we lost one of our dogs last week.

We chose to have him cremated since he was such a big dog. When he was healthy he was about 90 pounds.

I got the call that he was back at the vet on Monday and Tuesday morning I headed over to pick him up. When I got there they had him ready to go and handed me a bag with bubble wrap. They told me to be careful because there was a paw print inside.

I knew not to open it up until I got into the car since I could feel the tears about to flow. I was correct. As soon as I saw this I got teary eyed once again!

I am so happy that we have this last paw print from Maverick!!!

Did I say yet how wonderful our vet is??? Well they are!!

We miss you Mav!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mid-Winter Break Part 2....

Avery turned 13 in January but unfortunately everyone in the house but him had a stomach bug that weekend. We had to postpone his Medieval Times dinner but promised him that over break we would go....

So Saturday night Chris and I took the boys to Medieval Times....

I have to admit that I thought I would get so bored but I was wrong! It was wonderful!!

We sat in the Yellow Knight section and it was probably the coolest dinner I have ever had!

I was worried about not eating enough because on the website it showed the dinner and there was a lot but depending on the size it was possible not to be enough.

Instead of a chicken leg, you got a half a chicken! I really wish that I took a picture of what we ate!

While we were eating of course there were horses and knights and a king.... The show was
different but wonderful.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A great mid-winter break!!

Even though the week began on a bad note with our dog passing away and then finding out that our other dog has some health issues we seemed to pick things up towards the end and have a great time!

Thankfully our female dog can be cured and we are already on the road to recovery but it may take a few months to get there. I am going to try to be patient with it as long as I know that she will be OK in the end. I do have to say that I am a little paranoid at the moment, constantly checking to see if she is eating and drinking, wanting her to pop up when I walk over to see her... but this too shall pass.

So as the week progressed we had so much fun!

There was lots of baseball on the agenda. This is to be expected though and I can't wait until the games start later in the week. GO VIKINGS!!

Chris was actually off from Thursday to Saturday during break. I do not really remember the last time he had off 3 days in a row! Of course to get that he had to work 13 in a row (which is never fun).

Lets see if I can remember all we did on those three days off....

Thursday we spent almost all day down in the basement. It was time to clean out and go through all the boxes that were packed up from our move into the new house..... 2 1/2 years ago!! Yeah, I found things that I thought I lost and things that I would never have missed!

I wish I took pictures of the "goodwill" pile as well as the "take to the dump" pile. Thankfully my dad was free in the afternoon so we could load up his truck and he was the hauler!! It was a long day but the four of us really liked the way the basement looked when we were through. Maybe I will get down there in the next day or two and take some "after" pictures.

Chris and I were going to have a date night on Friday. We had planned on taking K to Grandma's house and let the boys have a free night at home but instead we canceled date night and did a family day instead. We all agreed on the Wild Animal Safari that is less than an hour away. Chris had never been and the boys actually were excited about it. It was amazing that we did not have to talk either one of the boys into going.

The latest vehicle... no way were we going to take our car into the safari!

Kennedi was very unsure about the whole thing but in the end she was trying to hang her head out the window and was calling for the animals to come over... we were constantly hearing, "Come, come" when she was an animal. Of course when the animal came over, she would get to the other side of the van as soon as she could.

Up close and personal!

The emu was greedy... it was constantly trying to come into the window to get some food.

My little tiger... this was in the walk about area. Kennedi loved all the animals.

ahhh there is so much more to the weekend but I think I will do the rest in another post at a later time.