Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A nice memento....

As I wrote about here, we lost one of our dogs last week.

We chose to have him cremated since he was such a big dog. When he was healthy he was about 90 pounds.

I got the call that he was back at the vet on Monday and Tuesday morning I headed over to pick him up. When I got there they had him ready to go and handed me a bag with bubble wrap. They told me to be careful because there was a paw print inside.

I knew not to open it up until I got into the car since I could feel the tears about to flow. I was correct. As soon as I saw this I got teary eyed once again!

I am so happy that we have this last paw print from Maverick!!!

Did I say yet how wonderful our vet is??? Well they are!!

We miss you Mav!!!

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Kandi said...

That is a very sweet way to remember him! I know you and your family will cherish it.