Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is that all it takes???

So you ask (well maybe you didn't).... Why do you not have very many pictures of the boys and tons of Kennedi????

Well that is a very easy answer!!

Whenever I try to take a picture of the boys they usually turn out like this....
Keep in mind that I am using tame pictures for fear that the boys will kill me if I used some of the ones I have taken!

or this...

but then you throw in a girl and the pictures become quite nice!!

this is a picture of Conner and his girlfriend before heading into the movies...

Poor Cat!

Ok so not really poor cat but having a long haired cat (which I will never have again) requires some maintenance from time to time. My poor wallet!!! Much more often than I would like or than we even do but he still needs some upkeep.

Here is a before picture of 13 year old Cotton..... Yes its a bad picture but you try telling a cat to stay.

And after spending the day at PetSmart grooming area...

he is still a little wet.....

looks more like a wet rat now!

Whoa, you mean he is not the fat cat that we have believed him to be?!? Amazing!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ryleigh update.....

ahhh I cant wait until I can give these updates to a baby that is actually here!! But until I can I guess they are pregnancy updates.

A few weeks ago I talked about my gestational diabetes diagnosis (here it is). When I went back to the doctor last week she looked at my blood sugar levels and they were still pretty high, even after the diet they have me on. So of course what I dreaded was becoming reality and I was put on insulin. When I got to the appointment I had with the diabetes educator she went over everything on how to give myself a shot to the dosage. Whew its really not a low dose at all. But, I am doing as the doctor ordered and taking what they are telling me too.

The educator went over very thoroughly what to do if my levels got too low. So, when I got home I went over with the boys what they needed to do if my levels got to low. They were both good with it and time came to give myself the first shot.

Conner was home at the time and of course he asked if he could give it to me. Hmmm now why would my wonderful 15 year old son WANT to give me a shot?!?! I had to think about it, but, I let him do it anyway. I do admit that he surprised me, he did not hurl it into my arm like it was a dart (yes all scenarios went through my head). He did it nice and gently. I guess if he wanted to be a doctor he needs to get ready to do this stuff.... no wait, he wants to be a doctor so he will rarely need to do this.

I have learned that it is much easier to have the shot in my arm than in my leg. I will have to enlist Conner to help me more often since I cant reach the place in my arm.

OK anyway, so I have been on the insulin for about 2 days now and only once have my levels been in range. In fact, they are higher than they were without the insulin. Most of the time they are higher, I had a scare last night when I tested and it was a 72! It has never been that low. Of course that happened when I put Kennedi to bed, Chris was at work and the boys were at their dads. I called Chris a little freaking out about it and he told me what to do, I listened and when I tested a little while later it was only up to 77.

I guess this is going to be a long 8 weeks and a very up and down roller coaster!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things that make you tear up......

Today is Kennedi's last day of Children's Morning Out for the year. Yes, that does make me want to cry because I do enjoy my 4 hours of alone time a week but that is about to end in a few weeks anyway.

Kennedi started out the year by crying when I left her and it broke my heart! Soon she would go into the classroom and not cry but still be a little unsure of things. Again, that was hard to watch! There were a few days that I wanted to go back and get her (OK so that feeling did not last too long).

Then, all of a sudden, Kennedi started to reach for her teachers and could not wait to get into that classroom. As nice as that was to see, it made me sad to know that she did not always want or need to be with me. But then again, that did not take long to get over (on my part). I started to enjoy that free time.

Today I brought Kennedi in for her last day and her teachers handed me a photo album of Kennedi throughout the year. They turned to the first page and it really hit me how much she has grown in the past 10 months. I knew not to look at the other pictures until I got into the car (good decision!).

I was so excited to sign her up for next year's CMO because I am going to have her in 2 days a week. I know she will love that! For a few moments I even thought about registering Ryleigh for the infant room. Don't worry, I didn't, at least not yet. I will wait and see how it goes and I can always add her after it starts if they have room.

But here is a video of me flipping through the pages of the photo album. What a difference a few months make in the life of a toddler!!

I wish I had set it to music but it was done in a hurry....