Friday, February 26, 2010

High School Baseball!

Conner started playing baseball (well t-ball) at 4. When I would go to his practices and games we had to drive past the 13/14 fields and I thought to myself many times, "Wow it is going to be forever until Conner is old enough to play here but so much fun to watch because by then he will KNOW baseball".

Well I blinked and he was on those fields.....

I blinked again and he was in high school!!

Yesterday was another day that many parents I know have been waiting for. The first time to watch my son play baseball in his high school uniform and on his high school field.

Well the game was away so tomorrow will be the high school field moment.

I have to admit my eyes got watery when I saw him in his uniform ready to play the game!



Nancy said...

Wow, he really looks like a young man! Seems like yesterday that we were in high school. You must be so proud of him.

Kami said...

Wow, time certainly does fly by! I love this :) I have a feeling that my little baseball player will be in those high school shoes before I know it, too!

Kandi said...

I know exactly how you feel, when I saw my girls step onto the High School Softball field for the first time I got misty eyed as well. I know you're proud.. and should be!!! Good job to you and Conner!!