Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So many decisions!!

I think the more kids you have, the harder decisions seem to be.

Chris and I have picked out a name, but the spelling is another story.

In July, either...

Rylee Grace
Ryleigh Grace

Will join our family..... She will be the 17th or maybe 18th grandchild for my family. She will have a few great-grand kids (not hers of course, but my parents) that are older than she is. She will be the 8th grandchild on my husbands side. This is also the LAST child that Chris and I will have biologically.

We thought we would let the boys decide on the spelling (out of those two) for us. They both love the name but again, when it came to the spelling, one liked the first spelling and of course the other liked the second spelling. I guess I was lucky that they both even liked the name!

But the spelling is not the only hard decision that we are having trouble making.

When Kennedi was on her way, Chris and I knew that we wanted light baby furniture for her room. This time it is not so clear. We have gone back and forth trying to decide. We finally went shopping and we found two sets we really liked...

of course,
one is dark

and the other light...

And I am very torn as to which one to get!

... and don't get me started on the baby bedding! There are some we like if we go with the dark set and those we like if we go with the light set.

Whew decisions... decisions...

I won't even start to think about what color to paint the walls yet!


Kristin said...

Personally, I love the lighter stuff. To me, dark furniture makes the entire room seem dark and dreary. But maybe that's just me!

Won't even touch the name thing since I spelled my name, well, my entire life. No one gets it right! Love the choice though.....very cute. I am sure Kennedi will love her sister....eventually. =)

Anonymous said...

Looking at the two, I like the white better. Then too the girls will have the same color making it easier for y'all. They won't question why is Kennedi's white and mind dark. Dark is more for a boy. After seeing the two together, yes I vote for white.

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

I prefer the light one myself. It's a beautiful design either way!

Nancy said...

I like the dark one better. I think browns and pinks are cute together. But if the girls ever share a room, the white would be better (I assume both cribs are the "converting" kind?).

Kandi said...

i like Ryleigh better but of course I am biased by daughter's middle name is Leigh and so is my sisters so i like that spelling. I like the darker furniture - decisions decisions lol

Rachael said...

I love the furniture (and the white set you eventually chose) and I vote "Ryleigh"! ;P

In our case, we wanted an "R" name, since we're gay and went with "RDP" as initials since Ryan and I share them once I married him. I've always liked Riley (and all it's many spellings) for a girl, and we decided on the spelling because it's the first 2 letters of Ryan's name and my middle name is "Leigh". So bingo. :D And I absolutely love the middle name Grace. They work beautifully together and I can't wait to see pics of the new beauty!

(this is Rachael Price from Maryland, btw. :D)