Friday, March 5, 2010

...and the winner is!!!

After A LOT of back and forth about which furniture set to get we have decided. It is now set in stone! Chris drove the hour north this morning (while I stayed home with a sick baby) to put some money down and order it.

We chose the white crib, 5 drawer dresser, combo dresser and hutch because of the hand carved detail on the sides. It just made it look VERY girly!! If you click on the picture it will come up bigger and you can see the detail. I LOVE it!

We also picked (or the boys picked) who was going to move their bedroom downstairs on the main floor. Conner got that wish. Avery was good with it once we said that the bathroom HAD to stay clean since its the main floor bathroom.

Now on the to do list is...

*clean out guest bedroom and get Conner's bedroom things down there

*paint Conner's old room and get it ready for Kennedi to move into (I will have to do another post on the ideas we have for her big girl room. Well big girl room but still in a crib thankfully).

*paint Kennedi's nursery and get it ready for Avery to move into. Yes sadly that means painting over the ladybugs and dragonflies, remember those? I think the GT room that Avery wants would look a little silly with the mural in there now.

*paint Avery's old room and get it ready for the baby's nursery

all this in the next 8 weeks before the nursery furniture comes in!

Whew that is A LOT of painting... does anyone like to paint?!?!? anyone... anyone???

Now some may ask, "why move all the rooms?"

Conner and Avery had a Jack and Jill bath and now that Conner is going downstairs it makes a lot more sense for the little girls to grow up sharing a bathroom. Avery will now have his own bathroom in his room and Conner will have the bathroom downstairs.

I figure as soon as we get the boys settled and the other rooms done we will have a buyer for the old house and be bale ti finish the basement. When this happens we will once again move the boys rooms (if they still want) into the basement for their own "teen suite".


Nancy said...

Wow, that is alot of stuff to do! I'm tired just reading about it! :) Can't wait to see pix of all the new rooms.

Kristin said...

Oh my. I don't envy the painting and moving of rooms. We have changed bedrooms about 4 times in our house.....good thing we haven't painted. I think each kid has had each bedroom at least once. Final shake out.....Alex has his own room, AG and Abby share a room (and they all three share a bathroom), Katie has her own room and bathroom (and isn't even home now!!!, and the downstairs bedroom is now a playroom with a guest bath.

I love the furniture and am glad you picked the lighter version. =)