Monday, March 8, 2010

Registration already?!?!

I got home a little while ago from two meetings at C's high school. I cant believe it is time for registration for next year already!! This year has flown by and I am really hoping that the next three years slow down. I don't even want to think about the first child being out of the house and in college!

The first meeting tonight was the informational meeting about the AP classes being offered next year. I already had an idea on what was going to be offered for upcoming 10th graders when Conner came home from school last week and told me they met with counselors and that he had his 4 year plan in motion.

That kid is amazing! He knows the hard schedule that he maybe facing the next three years and he sounds like he is so ready for it. I have to say that I am ready for him to be challenged! My fear is that he will enter college with not having to study a whole lot and then have to learn quickly. I am thinking that I do not have to worry about that too much longer.

As of right now, and this won't be firmed up until next week, he is looking at a schedule like this:
Math 2 and Math 3 (fall semester and spring semester)
AP Psychology (if he is accepted in that one)
weight training (hey he has to have one class like this)
AP European History (this one is year long)
Spanish 3 (semester long)
Advanced Lit (semester long)

Whew... that is a lot. I think it helps that we are on block scheduling and he only has 4 classes each semester.

When he came home last week to tell me that he will double up on Math in 10th grade so his senior year he can take AP Statistics I about threw up. I love math and it was always one of my best subjects... until I took Stats!! That is one class that I hoped I would never have to deal with again. He also told me he was taking Chemistry next year and skipping Physical Science so that in his senior year he can take Anatomy.

I think that the counselor was really helpful since he already has his idea of what he wants to do with the rest of his life. I know this may change 100 times between now and senior year (and that is OK. Shoot I don't know what I want to do when I grow up!) but he has had the same dream since he was in elementary school.


happygal said...

He sounds like such a great kid. With a great family behind him!

Grandma said...

You can be very pround of him, he knows what he wants and he also knows that he needs a challenge and is willing to take it. Maturity -- he has it

Kristin said...

Oh my. I need to talk to you about the way, Katie took AP Psych and enjoyed it. She exempted Psych and US History in college.

Good for Conner for wanting the challenges!! It will definitely help him in the long run.