Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Avery's Creation....

Avery is proof that you are never too old for Lego's! Now that Lego has sets for ages 14 and 16 and above he once again believes you are never too old.

He has let his grades slip a little bit so he has been grounded from the fun things but we have spent a lot of time doing this....

This is the Fire Brigade... It was like 3000 pieces (or something like that). He got it for Christmas this year and it took us about a month to finish it. Of course we did not work on it everyday but when we did he would sit for hours. Yes, my ADD child can sit for hours while working on Legos (I don't quite get it).

and here is the proud creator!!

If you look closely you will see the date on the top is 1632. Yes, we saw that it should be 1932. We laughed when we noticed the upside down 9. I guess this town was very advanced for having a building like this in the 1600's (and a firetruck).

I need to somehow get pictures of the inside. It is so detailed! There is a ping pong table, refrigerator, the fireman's pole, couch, and a cook. Its pretty amazing!!



Jes said...

Oh My Goodness.. I was such a Lego Fan as a kid.. If I could still play with them and get away with it at my age.. I totally would.

He did a GREAT JOB!

Lori said...

How fun! I have 3 children 16, 14, and 11, and they all still love Legos too! With all the technology today it's so good to have creative things like Legos to keep the imagination and originally alive in our children. What an amazing job Avery did!

Nancy said...

Awesome, Avery! I love lego's. I can't wait until Noah is old enough for them so I can play them with him.

Anonymous said...

We live in upstate NY, and there is a great museum a few towns away that is for kids. Right now they have a lego exhibit going on with all of these crazy things that this guy made. HUGE things. You should have your son take a peek. He may be the next one building things for the exhibit !

I think its or .com :)

**why are legos so expensive, half of them get sucked up in the vaccuum anyway ! :) **