Saturday, October 31, 2009


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I guess when you hit high school you are still not too old to trick or treat! Conner and some of his buddies decided to head out for some Halloween fun. I told Conner that he could still trick or treat IF he had a costume. I hate when kids get older and go out for some candy and don't dress up. Looks like he followed my rules.

The Fruit of the Loom Guys! Conner is the orange... the other guys are guys he has been friends with since early on in elementary school.

1st stop for Kennedi was Grandma and Papa's house (before the rain came).

She was not to sure about this Halloween thing!
Kennedi was very happy that Daddy was off and could go with us. I think Daddy was thrilled too!

It did not take her long to figure it out

She was a pro by house #2. She would not let go of her bucket and she stood there while they gave her candy. Sometimes even after they gave her the candy. There were even houses that gave her candy and then let her grab some. I am sure they thought she would grab just 1 but they were wrong. She would take a handful.

Ding dong.... trick or treat.

Kennedi and Mommy

The last house.... ours! Trick or Treat, Avery!

Avery and Kennedi

She went from Garden Gnome to Victoria Secret model.... Kennedi that is!

It was a fun night! Kennedi went to about 15 houses and got a bucketful of candy. She was so cute! She did not get that we were supposed to leave after they gave her some candy. She wanted to stay and chat for a little while.

Avery was the big boy this year. He said early on that he wanted to stay home and give out candy. He was the smart one actually since it rained the whole time. There were a ton of kids in the neighborhood but we live so far back and there are not too many houses on our road that we only had 2 kids come by. Hmmm guess we will be eating some candy for awhile!

I hope that everyone had a great time trick or treating.... can't wait to do it again next year!!



Karen said...

i also got the privilege of going trick or treating with my grandson who is 2 and I couldn't believe it either how quickly he picked up on the concept, by the 2nd house he knew what was going on. I had more fun than he did.

Maura said...

What a cute costume! She looked great. And I love the fruit of the loom idea. I like to see older kids still enjoying Halloween.

My four year old didn't really get the idea of leaving after the candy, either. One house he tried to walk right in. Opps!