Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not all change is bad!

I do not like change!! I guess that is part of the ADD in me. I don't like making decisions either, especially major ones!

I brought up the idea of Direct TV awhile back when we started getting information about bundles that were being offered. I looked and saw this as a way to save some money. We looked into it, talked about it. I researched it, looked into it some more and still had not made a decision after many months.

Last week, Chris made the decision for me. I had talked about it, read about it, searched about it to the point of talking myself out of it. Chris called and got it all arranged. We are now on DSL, opposed to our cable Internet. Come next week we will no longer have cable but instead Direct TV. I really hope what they say our monthly bill will be is actually what it will be. If it is we will be saving quite a bit of money each month. This was our goal in the first place.

I guess not all change is bad!

Now I will have to learn a new remote! I think that is the most intimidating of it all!! Oh yeah and on top of that I will have to reset all my shows to record. I guess I better go look and write them all down. I can never remember when they are on to watch them. THANK YOU FOR INVENTING DVR!!!!

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