Friday, October 30, 2009

Coupons... coupns and more coupons!

I have been a player in the coupon game for awhile now. With having a 2nd house that wont sell because the market stinks and one income (not that my income was worth anything, school systems don't pay that great) we need to cut corners anywhere we can. I actually sat down and found some blogs that are great for saving money with coupons. I am lazy and do not want to have to look for the deals, I want them to be listed for me. Well I think my short attention span probably has something to do with that too. Well, I found some great ones... The one I used this week was Southern Savers.

This blog is great! It lists a bunch of stores and their deals. I actually switched grocery stores this week just to see the difference. I think I saw a huge one and just may be one to switch stores as my main store.

I read about these people that buy like $100.00 worth of groceries and only spend like $20.00. I do not understand how that is possible if they are buying meats and milk, or if they only go shopping like once a week. It sure would be nice if I could figure that out but with 2 teenage boys (or close to it), a husband and a child in diapers I do not see it happening. I only go to the store 2 times a month to get my major things and then I pop in to get milk and eggs here and there. We have been going though about 4 gallons of milk a week with the boys here. Now I have one that wants to start on the protein shakes and I am sure that will increase.

Anyway, I went to the store yesterday and paid $120.00 for all of my groceries but the kicker was that I saved $90.00. I was amazed! I have food for the week for the kids to snack on, dinner items and even snacks for the big games on this weekend. Since the Auburn game is an early one and Avery has a lacrosse game, we are not going to Auburn. Because of that I had to have extra snacks in the house. Oh yeah, I even bought a TON of Halloween candy. Well I just wanted to share the excitement.

Wow it is really sad when I get excited about what I save at a grocery store!


Nancy said...

That is awesome!!! I love good bargains and couponing. I get excited too when I see the receipt and see how much I saved. Its kinda fun and a challenge.

Pennie Bixler said...

Wow! I am in AWE! It really does seem like it's more difficult to find markets here in the Midwest (Wisconsin area) that participate in a lot of the coupon saver programs out there, and websites of the sort. Hmmm...sounds like a need that needs exploring... :) If you stumble across one for Wisconsin/Twin Cities,MN area you let me know!

Maura said...

Wow! $90 that's awesome!