Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We went to work today!

Today started at 4am for me! I know some of you are thinking that I am crazy, and I have to agree! No sane person should be awake at 4am but Kennedi and I had a big day OF WORK ahead of us! Yes, I did say that Kennedi and I went to work.

The two of us were out of the house by 5am and headed to the North side of Atlanta. The good thing about it being so early in the morning is that there was absolutely NO traffic, which is amazing for Atlanta! At the same time, no sane person should be awake and out of the house by 5am.

There is a movie being filmed in Atlanta called Life As We Know It. I know, there are actually like 3 or 4 being filmed here right now but we will focus on LAWKI (Life as We Know It). Kennedi and I were going to spend the day, all day, being extras for the movie. We were actually supposed to be in 2 scenes today but they only got one of those filmed before Kennedi's time was about up. Being a minor they can only hold her for 10 hours.

I do admit that I will now look at movies in a different way. I think I will pay attention to the little things a little more. I will look at those people in the background that I may not have noticed prior to today.

I also realized that being in movies is a totally different lifestyle. Wow it makes for LONG days! There is a lot of sitting, sitting and more sitting. It's amazing how worn out you can get and not do a lot! We literally worked for maybe an hour or so and then sat around the rest of the day. You do get to meet a lot of new people all of whom were very nice. There were kids running around and it was a good time!

Kennedi may have missed her big break! She was walking on the driveway and fell. She got up screaming and had a bloody lip. I looked and could not tell if her tooth went all the way through her lip or if it was just scraped on the outside and cut inside (which is what it was). They called for Kennedi and another baby to head over to the filming house about 30 seconds after she fell. Her lip all bloody and crying those crocodile tears. Well they told me to take care of her and they got someone else. UGH!! You have got to be kidding... great timing Kennedi!! She took about a minute to calm down and the blood stopped soon after that. She was totally fine and we were left just sitting there. Oh well, maybe next time will be her big break.

As I said, it was a long day (oh did I say that?). We left the house at 5am for a 630 call time. We got back in the car to head home about 4:00 this afternoon. Of course I could not get lucky both ways and miss the traffic. There was enough on the way home to make up for all we missed in the morning.

All in all we had a lot of fun and it will be interesting to see if the parts we were in made it to the movie or if we were even in the view of the camera.

I am so tired at the moment and will proofread this post in the morning. Right now it is time for me to head to bed!

I can't leave you without this....

Kennedi about 5 minutes after we got into the car...
She is a real Sleeping Beauty...


Nancy said...

Sounds like a fun day. That would be interesting to see how things are done on a movie set. Sorry to hear about Kennedi's fall. :(

Pennie Bixler said...

Sorry to hear about Kennedi's fall, but you are right -she IS a real sleeping beauty!!!!

Arizona Mamma said...

I agree with Pennie! She is a sleeping beauty for sure. So cute.