Sunday, October 18, 2009

A whole lotta pictures.....

Saturday Chris had off of work and at the last minute we sold our Auburn tickets for the Kentucky game. This ended up being a good call since we played so badly! I wont even get into that since I it is just starting to sink in that we lost at home to a team that had not beaten us at home since 1966. OK that's all I'm gonna say about that!

Since we had some time together we all Chris and I decided to spend the morning at one of the local pumpkin patch's with the kids. We had a great time! OK Chris, Kennedi and I had a great time, the big boys probably considered it just another boring FFO (forced family outing). Its not often with get to have those since right now Chris works so much. If you asked the boys they would tell you we have them ALL THE TIME. That's OK.. only 3 more years and we lose one of them to college. I am going to enjoy those FFO's while I can.

I made the pictures small but you can just click on them to make them bigger...

Here is a picture before starting out.. It was a little chilly yesterday. I had to actually break out both layers of the jacket I got for Christmas last year. It's the 1st time I had done that!
Kennedi LOVED the geese. She wanted to go near them whenever we walked where they were. I figured she would be scared of them but I was completely wrong.

Kennedi also got to pet an angora rabbit. He was so soft!

Kennedi was still fixated on the rabbit. She did not pay too much attention to the sheep (or whatever they were)... can you tell I am not a farm girl?
hmmm what to pet now, daddy?

This is one of the few pictures I got in. Most of the time I like being the picture taker but then I wonder if the kids will remember that I too attended these FFO's.

My youngest and my oldest... Aren't they so sweet??

Kennedi waiting for the hayride to start...

The boys

and... the girls....

Kennedi is not one who likes to be restrained... see...

Where's Kennedi??

Daddy and his little girl... two peas in a pod!

it was about this time when the boys got sick of the camera!

Mommy... look, more animals! Kennedi has now lost interest in the camera.

After we got our pumpkins we headed home for some more family fun. I actually think that the boys liked this part.
that's right... it was time to CARVE!!
my thinker!

it took two of them to poke out this pattern.

Chris even had a good time with the pumpkins.

Avery is concentrating...

still concentrating...
Kennedi is ready to decorate her 1st pumpkin.
Here are the kids with their masterpieces.
...and our family day is over!


Nancy said...

Great pix! Looks like a fun day even if it was forced :) I think the boys had fun but they have to pretend like they didn't!

Pennie Bixler said...

Looks like all the cajoling was worth it! Cute jack o'lanterns! You are one creative bunch!