Friday, April 24, 2009

And she's up!!!

Wow.. OK so I guess I did something in the formatting and now when I upload pictures, the pictures don't come up and the html code does. So, I can not see any of the pictures (just the codes) that I have uploaded and they are one after the other so I cant go back and put comments under the pictures. Great, now I will have to sit and try to figure out what I did so that I can undo it and have it be back to normal.
Anyway, this is what we walk into every morning and after nap time. Kennedi is constantly pulling herself up in her crib. The crib is already down to the lowest setting so I hope she doesn't get too much taller or she will be climbing out. Not looking forward to that!!
Now whenever Kennedi does not feel like she wants or needs to take a nap she pulls herself up. Of course after that she screams like crazy because she has not yet figured out how to get down from the standing position. Wow it maybe a long few weeks until she figures that out.
She is also trying to go from the crawl position to a stand. She will be on her hands and knees and then get up to hands and feet. After that she has no idea what to do and go back to knees.
Well she is over playing with tormenting the cat so I guess I better go and rescue poor old Cotton.

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Nancy said...

Oh my gosh! Kennedi is pulling herself up! What a big girl.