Monday, November 9, 2009

What a miracle!!!

I was sitting at the computer working on a blog that I will be posting in just a little while when something made me check one of the blogs I keep up with.

Many of you may have read my posts about Stellan, a little boy that is only a few months younger than Kennedi. Stellan has suffered from SVT since before he was born. In fact, he has beaten the odds that were given to his parents when the SVT was discovered.

What a long road this young, beautiful baby has been on and today has been no exception. But at the same time, today has been the most amazing journey for Stellan.

To see what a miracle occurred today go to MckMama's blog by clicking here. The doctor's at a children's hospital in Boston have made such an improvement in this little boys life!! The power or prayer is truly an amazing thing!!

It is also amazing (if you read the story on him) is how one little boy can bring so many people together!!

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