Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wow time flies!! 8 weeks already.

Well today marks Kennedi's 8 week birthday. I have been meaning to sit down and post before this but I just have not had a lot of time. After the last post I told Avery that I would get pictures up of his football game as soon as the game was over. Here it is almost a week later and I am just sitting down to do it. Horrible, I know! Anyway, back to Avery. He had his first football game last weekend. He loved it!! He came off the field when the game was over with a huge smile on his face. He actually played a lot more of the game then I thought he would. Of course at 65 lbs he is not a super tackler, in fact he tried to avoid most of the tackles. So much that I went over to him and told him that I would give him $5.00 for his first tackle. He looked at me said OK and then got excited. A few minutes after I went back to my seat, Chris got up and went near him and said something to him. I was not sure what it was and Chris did not know about my deal with Avery but it ended up that Chris was a better deal maker than I was! Apparently Chris told him that he would give Avery 5.00 for EVERY tackle! Hmmm my thought process was to get Avery in the middle of a tackle and get his confidence up. Chris wanted to motivate him past the first tackle. I think we made the deal too late in the game, Avery was very close to a couple of tackles after the deals were made but never in the middle. He did look at us after getting up once as if to ask if he got it. I think the same deal will be in effect for Saturday and we will let him know before the game starts.

Friday is a big day for Avery, he came home from school on Wednesday very excited for his first middle school dance! Hmmm even though I am on maternity leave I may have to go get something out of my trailer tomorrow after school and see WHO Avery is dancing with.

Conner is wrapping up his middle school football season. We had the last regular season game on Tuesday and we go to the playoffs in 2 weeks. We are seeded number 2 so we have the bye for next weeks game... GO EAGLES!!! Conner is not sure he will try out for the 9th grade team next year. He says it depends on how much bigger he gets. He told me that he would like to do the weight training with the football team in the spring. I think that is a great idea! So I guess we will have to wait until spring to see if he decides to keep this up in high school.

Now to the little one. Kennedi continues to get bigger every day. We weighed her on the scale at home this week and it said she weighs 14 lbs. Sorry but I do not believe that one. I know she has gotten bigger but 14 lbs does not seem right. Maybe we will take her somewhere to get weighed this weekend and see the real number!

She has a new toy that she seems to enjoy. I know she is still little but I put her in the jumper today. It's the fisher price rain forest stationary jumper. WOW she smiled and just looked at all the colors. I thought she was going to look so tiny in it, hate it and cry but nooooo she seemed to be very content. I was even able to get a few things done in the house while she was discovering her new toy.

Conner and Avery are still Kennedi's biggest fans. This morning we were getting ready to head out to school and Kennedi was in her crib asleep. I caught Conner about to walk into her room and when I told him she was staying home with Chris, Conner replied, "but mom I just want to go look at her". He is such a wonderful big brother!! Avery does not walk in the door from school without heading right over to her to say hello. I never thought they would be as good with her as they are. I am so lucky to have the two boys that I have and Kennedi is so lucky that she will have them watching out for her every moment of the day. I am sure she wont feel the same but maybe one day she will know how lucky she is!

We finally have found a date to have Kennedi's Christening. It will be November 9th at the 9am mass. After, we will have a dual celebration with Kennedi's Christening and Conner's 14th birthday (which is the day after). Whew, am I old enough to have a 14 year old?!?! It was hard to find a week that Chris was off, we had the boys, and that Auburn did not have a late game the night before!! We almost had to hold off and have her Christened in the spring, or at least after College football season, but I was worried that she would not fit in to the family christening gown. It might be a tight fit as it is! For those of you that don't know, the gown she will wear has been in the family for many, many years. I hope that I get this right, but, my great grandmother made it (that would be my dads grandmother). Everyone in my family from my grandmother down has been christened in it. I think it is now 5 generations old since my nephew, Matt's, son Ryan wore it last summer. I have no idea how many people have worn it but I am sure someone in my family knows... (a little help with a comment on that y'all).

Chris has been busy too. He is still working all the time! He took off this football season for all of Conner's football games and just about all of Avery's. We do not get a lot done around the house, having games and events every day he is off but he is doing a great job doing the things that need to be done. He even made time to go for the stress test he was supposed to have. I have not heard any results but I am going to assume that no news is good news. Chris was a trooper and did not even complain when he got in the car and had to pull off all the tape where the circle things were attached to his chest. He even showed me the shave job they did on his chest. Now he has 4 bald spots where they had to place the thingies. Good thing it is fall and he wont be going anywhere without a shirt.

As for me, well I am still loving being home with Kennedi! I get to enjoy it for another 4 weeks. I can honestly say that I do not want it to end. I was able to stay home with Conner and Avery when they were babies but it is so different this time. People told me that I would be so much more relaxed having Kennedi later and I can say that is so true. The to do list will still be there next week but she won't be little very long. I am determined to enjoy it while I can. Who knows if there will be another one or not, that will be up for discussion after awhile but for now I am going to love on her every minute I can, and love on the boys every minute they will let me!!

I am also getting back into soccer. I have my first game this weekend since Kennedi was born. I am a little nervous because I am not in very good shape but I have been running each night to get ready for the challenge. Chris is off so he will be going to the game with me. I just hope he does not have to spring into work mode when I fall out after its over!!

I think that is enough for now..........
Have a great weekend and enjoy this wonderful weather!!
Tara and Chris
Here are some more pictures of the 3 angels!
There is Avery... #3....

After the game...

Kennedi in her jumper....

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Nancy said...

I wonder if the boys will play for Penn State or Auburn? Or maybe one at each school?

I can't believe Kennedi is 14 lbs already! Isn't it wild?