Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ahhh schools out for the summer!! The kids are relieved they are getting a much needed break. I think I am just as, if not more excited than they are for them to be done. I am still having a few issues with the thought of having a child in high school but I guess I can't change it so I better suck it up!

I had a few minutes so I figured I would update again. When I don't update often enough I get an email from someone (Papa) telling me to update and add pictures. Conner is at the orthodontist getting brackets and wires changed so I thought I would update while waiting for his call.

I thought that with summer break arriving we would have some downtime and get to relax a little. HA HA was I wrong!! The boys came home from their dads house Sunday evening and we have been non stop since. Monday Chris was off from work so he took both boys and one of Avery's friends to Six Flags for the day. Conner and Chris have had a season pass for a few years and this year the Easter Bunny left one in Avery's basket also. They had a great day! Avery rode a roller coaster that he had never ridden before so that is always a plus. Avery is my cautious one (if you can believe that). He is not a big one for rides, especially if they loop. There is one roller coaster that he loves (that has 2 loops) but other coasters not so much. He really does anything he can to avoid riding them. I am still trying to figure out his roller coaster logic. Anyway, they had a great time. They said the lines were long and it was HOT but it is still always a great time at 6 flags. While they were gone Kennedi and I did the weekly grocery shopping and house cleaning and just hung out. Then we ended up losing a child for the night (to a friends house) and gaining another child.

Tuesday was another crazy day! Conner went to a friends house for the day and then Avery spent most of the day between his friends house and the pool. The kids really enjoy the pool, well one of the pools that is. We have the neighborhood pool but it is not deep and the boys do not really have a good time at it so we also go to the golf club. This is where the boys do most of their hanging out during the day. It is usually very crowded (too crowded for me) but they have a lot of fun. Thankfully they are both now old enough to be up there by themselves. I think that will make my day a lot easier since Kennedi will not want to be up there all day, everyday.

Speaking of Kennedi, Chris and I took her to the neighborhood pool last weekend. She LOVED the water!! I have a little fish on my hands and I am just wondering what she is going to be like at the beach in July. No summer reading for me this year (or for the next few years). Here are a few pictures from the pool this past weekend.

Well I guess that sums up the first half of the week. I forgot to add about baseball practice in the mix of things and then the week ends with late games on Thursday and Friday and then a morning game on Saturday. Whew!! The season ends next week (unfortunately Conner will be with his dad and will miss those games) but then we finish the month with 3 weekends in a row of tournaments. Cross your fingers for me that we do not have to push off our beach plans because of baseball continuing (although it would mean we were advancing so I guess it would not be all bad).


Nancy said...

Sounds like summer is off to a fun start! Kennedi looks so cute in the pool. I like the one photo where she is chillaxin'!

Kristin said...

I hear you on the baseball/vacation thing. One year, Katie and I had to leave for vacation without Dave and Alex because his team advanced too far. Catch-22, huh?

Yes, no more pool side reading for you for a while!