Saturday, July 18, 2009

One week down.....

...but still one more week to go! This week has gone by really fast and hopefully next week will be just as relaxing. I am a little leary of this because Daddy goes home tomorrow evening. Someone has to work and I think that I choose Chris!! Chris has been sitting at the house each day during Kennedi's first nap which gave me some alone beach time to sit and read. Well not really alone since the big boys were with me along with the 20 other people in our family but I did not have to keep up with an eleven month old while trying to finish a book. I have to say it was very nice.

Why is it that kids, well babies, always sleep in so late wake up at the crack of dawn while at the beach? The first day or so was rough with a wake up time around 6:30am but then it started to get a little better. One day she even let us sleep until 8:30. Too bad that was only one day! Funny how the big boys (Conner and Avery) have no problem sleeping in until noon 10:00 when I decide to wake them up so they do not waste the day.

Kennedi took a little while to get used to the sand. At first we thought it was going to be a miserable week with her not allowing any part of her body to touch a grain of sand but thankfully that did not last long and before we knew it she was covered in the gritty stuff. The waves is one thing she is really not to fond of. Chris took her into the water where she placed the death grip on his neck while screaming at the top of her lungs. She is really a water baby so I am not sure if it was the waves or the temperature of the water that she did not like. I am hoping its the temperature so that the upcoming years will not be too miserable. The water has been about 65 degrees this week. We have had some evening showers and last night a pretty big storm but other than that the weather during the day has been great!

Since it is Saturday its a change over day and I am looking forward to sitting on an empty beach. Of course since the first week is over we do have to say goodbye to some of the family that is here sharing in the vacation. After today it will be a very quiet week.

While we have been here Kennedi has decided that walking is the way to travel! She is all over the place and into everything! We are pretty worn out at the end of the day and Chris and I end up heading to bed shortly after Kenendi does.

I guess that is about all for now. Hopefully I will be able to update a little more this week so that we can keep Chris updated on the beach trip. Poor baby has to go back to work for 19 days straight! Lets all take a moment and say a little prayer that my old house sells soon so that Chris can cut back A LOT of days!!!

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Nancy said...

Enjoy week 2 of the beach! Glad you were able to get some reading and relaxing done.