Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st and 2nds....

Ahh today

1st day of school... well actually CMO (Children's Morning Out) for Kennedi.

2nd open house for the schools, which was Conner's.

Kennedi LOVED school today! It was way too cute... of course I got pictures and I will let them tell most of the story..

Mommy and Daddy, I am ready to go to school...(as she opens the door and walks into the pantry!)

Lets go daddy!!

But I need to go up there (pointing to the top of the driveway) like Avery does in the morning. That big yellow thing needs to come get me!

Fine.. I will go by car but next time I want to get on the big yellow thing.

oh Daddy... must you hold my hand? I am a big girl now!

Everybody needs to line up behind me!

I can do it by myself... Open the doors and let me in...

fine, take me in daddy!!

Whew that was a fun day at school. I am wiped out!!!

2nd.... I got to go to Northgate and meet all of Conner's teachers!! I did not take my camera for the picture story on this one. Conner would have killed me! So you get the text version!

His teachers had nothing but good things to say about him. At first I was wondering if they were confusing him with someone else but then when they described him it was pretty accurate. So at least my child does well out of the house!! Nah.. I have to admit most of the time he is great at home too.
I was told things like, he answers all the questions, he is very bright, he is such a great boy!! So you can see the confusion I had for a little while... Just kidding Conner!! GREAT JOB on a great start of the school year!!

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