Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just one more day....

Tomorrow is the day.....

It IS back to school tomorrow and I am bummed that summer will officially be over for the kids but that is not what we are talking about here.

Tomorrow is Kennedi's birthday!! Wow a year already...

I am doing this today in case things are hectic tomorrow. Chris is going to be off for the next 3 days and we have a lot to do to get ready for the big birthday party.

Almost this time last year it was this.....

and this

And now it is more like this.....

and this

The changes that take place in a year are absolutely amazing. Babies come into this world completely dependent on moms and dads and by a year they barely need you. Well OK they do still need you a lot but they try not to!

This week Kennedi has popped 2 more teeth. She has a molar and then 8 total in the front (4 upper and 4 lower). I just hope when we get her pictures taken on Saturday and Tuesday we get to see some of those pearly whites.

A little before 11 months old she was walking, now at a year she is trying to run! And I am trying to keep up with her. It's not as easy at 37 as it was at 22 but it sure is just as fun!

Kennedi is turning into a little chatterbox. I have NO IDEA what she is saying but I think she does. She says momma and dadda sometime I think its comes out daddy. She has also added Kitty Cat and doggy to her vocabulary.

The expressions she makes and the things she does are priceless. I really wish I was better at taking the videos and pictures. I forget about the video camera and I am so frustrated with my camera but I need to stay on it. I don't want her to be that 3rd child with no pictures! There are things that crack Chris and I up and then of course if I don't write them down (which I mostly don't) I forget what they are when I sit to do the blog.

I guess that's all.. I am not going to write much about school tomorrow since it seems no one is looking forward to it. There are a lot of kids that Conner went to elementary school with and that were separated for middle school but starting tomorrow they will all be together again! Conner is excited to see many of them again.

We have both boys teachers and I think they will both have a great year!! GOOD LUCK TOMORROW CONNER AND AVERY!!!!

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Nancy said...

Happy birthday, Kennedi!!!! A year goes so fast. Hope the boys have a great first day of school.